29 June 1969

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Sarge Drops Lone Enemy

HIGHLANDER HEIGHTS —Staff Sergeant Eliezer Ayala of New Brunswick, N.J., a platoon sergeant with Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, was credited with killing one NVA near Landing Zone (LZ) Penny, ten miles south of Kontum City.

Leaving the company perimeter to locate au observation post (OP) for his platoon, Sergeant Ayala spotted the NVA and fired at him. The NVA went down.

The kill was confirmed later in the day by an OP team from Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry which spotted two NVA carrying a body on a stretcher improvised out of a poncho.

"Collins (Specialist 4 Jack F. Collins of South Barre, Vt.) and I had just gotten into position. Approximately ten minutes later we heard movement," said Private First Class Doug Boughton of Stanley, N.Y. "Then we saw two NVA carrying a third on a stretcher.

"Specialist Collins, who saw them first, opened up and they dropped the stretcher and took off. One of them ran so fast he lost his Ho Chi Minh sandals."


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