29 June 1969

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OASIS— With the arrival of the monsoons in the Central Highlands, the daily life of an infantry soldier has become a little tougher.

Under a new program instituted by Lieutenant Colonel James Burris of Chattanooga, Tenn., commander of the 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, platoons of the Cacti Green’s five companies, on a rotating basis, will have from a five to seven day stand down at the Oasis.

The 1st Platoon of Bravo Company was the first element to use the new facility and, naturally, the order of the day was cold beer and soda, hot chow, and a shower. The men also had the opportunity to receive routine medical care and to resolve any personal problems they may have had.

"The stand down that they have set up for us is great. We have a chance to enjoy good food, cold drinks, take a shower and receive clean clothes," said Specialist 4 James Reed of Dallas, Tex. "It gives us a chance to rest before we go back to the field."

Other platoon members voiced the same opinions, adding that the stand down gave them a chance to write and even call their relatives back in the United States through the MARS (Military Affiliated Radio System) facility.

Various sports equipment was also available to the men.

As one member of the platoon said, "At least when it starts raining here, we have a tent to run to. We truly appreciate the stand down."


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