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About 18-20 April 1967

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25th lnf Kills 45 Viet Cong
In Coastal Battle Near Duc Pho

DUC PH0, (25th INF-IO)-In the first seven hours of Task Force Oregon the 3rd Brigade Task Force, 25th Infantry Division killed 45 Viet Cong in a battle on the coast near here.

Thirty VC were killed by the 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry automatic weapons fire and 15 more were killed by artillery fire thrown into the area.

Five U.S. soldiers were wounded, none seriously.

The Bronco Brigade, after completing Operation Pershing south of Bong Son and after participating in the final two days of Operation L e j e u n e, closed in on the Duc Pho area by air and sea to begin "Oregon."

The brigade’s sea assault was the first of Task Force Oregon. The assault started a sea re supply route from Qui Nhon to Duc Pho.

Earlier, the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry was the first element of the 25th Division to battle VC in Duc Pho District. Killing 43.

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