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11 March 1967

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MARCH 11, 1967 25TH INFANTRY UNIT FINDS HOSPITAL PLEIKU "Outside of the extremely unsanitary condition they operate in their medical facilities are surprisingly good," said PFC James L Brown, a member of the 25th Infantry Division's 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry's Reconnaissance Platoon as it uncovered a Viet Cong underground hospital facility. 

Brown took professional interest in the hospital section of the cave complex his platoon was securing and exploring because he is a line medic. Among the items Brown discovered in the natural caverns were drugs such as penicillin manufactured in the United States, syringes full of anti-tetanus serum from the Soviet Union, and numerous medical pamphlets and instruction books written in Vietnamese. 

"We also found a stone slab that was evidently used as an operating table," said Brown.

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