LZ Sue

25 December 1967

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LZ SUE (BS 567877) was one of those crappy little places where we operated on the corner of four map sheets. The 2/35th had just gotten into the area. Delta and Recon had CA’ed into the LZ to set up the base on the 20th of December. On the 25th, Charlie Company was off to the east of the hills at 586882 and Bravo was south at 539825. Alpha Company was off somewhere, opcon to someone; I haven’t found out who yet. We were all located on three different map sheets.

It was supposed to be the Christmas truce. Ha! Like those ever meant anything except we were supposed to have shorter patrols. On the 24th Bravo had 13 enemy KIA and Charlie had one. The dinks were throwing rocks at the perimeter of Bravo on the night of the 24th trying to draw fire and pinpoint positions.

On the Christmas day, Charlie Company was doing what it was supposed to do. Sending out short sweeps just to make sure. Things were kind of quiet. By 1700H, everyone was back in the perimeter and it was time to enjoy Christmas. At 1922H, defcons were called in. One short round, later determined to be defective, landed inside the perimeter of Charlie Co. Lt. Ronald J. Siengo, from C Co, Sp4 Dan Jeter and Pfc. Charles McClerg, with the 2/9th Arty, were KIA. Charlie Company also lost 13 other men that night who were WIA; John Wallace, Raymond Rivera, George Rollins, Wilber Gillespi, Thomas O’Conner, Cluris Spivey, Kenneth Westfall, James Boykin, Brooks Woolcok, Noble Smith, Walter Powell, Leland Edelen, and Ted Deviak.

I did not know any of these fine men. But every Christmas my thoughts come back to them. I hope the wounded went on to lives filled with joy. I say a prayer for the family of those who did not return from this day. "Friendly fire" has always been a tragedy of war, but knowing that doesn’t make it feel better.

Jim Anderson Bravo 2/35 67-68 (From Daily Journal Entries)

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