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6 March 1967

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MARCH 6, 1967 13 VIET CONG SLAIN NEAR BONG SON CU CHI Units of the 3rd Brigade Task Force and the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), continued Operation "Pershing" north of Bong Son. Military spokesmen reported 13 enemy killed during light, scattered actions in the operation area on the plains, 20 km north-northwest of Bong Son. Units continued to locate and destroy caves and tunnels and other enemy hiding places. An element of the 1st Cavalry Division received several rounds of enemy small arms fire while on perimeter guard at English Airfield. There were no friendly casualties and enemy casualties were unknown. Since Operation Pershing began on February 12, 235 enemy have been killed, 260 persons detained and 83 individual and five crew-served weapons seized. Strike pilots have flown 185 sorties in support of the combined ground-air operation. Friendly casualties were reported as light. Other actions in the Central Highland Region of Vietnam, uncovered an enemy arms and equipment cache in a native hut. The find occurred when a company of the 3rd Brigade Task Force, a part of Operation "Sam Houston," swept through an area of Kontum Province, 57 km west of Pleiku City. The cache included three 60 mm mortars, four light machine guns and large quantities of assorted ammunition and equipment. No friendly casualties were reported.

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