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Fourth Locked In Combat

CAMP ENARI - Combat activity increased greatly throughout the 4th Infantry Divisionís area of operations. Attention remained focused, however, on an area 20 miles north of Plei Djereng, where two companies of the 1st Bn., 35th Inf., initiated contact and remained locked in combat with North Vietnamese military forces for most of the week.

Contact began with Company D penetrating a hastily-evacuated enemy base camp in the thickly jungled area north of Plei Djereng. It was estimated the camp quartered at east a platoon-sized unit. Twenty Five fortified sleeping positions and a hut were destroyed and 20 60mm mortar rounds were evacuated.

The following day, Co A found one NVA body in the area, while nearby, Co. C, following a blood trail, discovered a large cave complex housing numerous documents, thirty-one field packs, fifty NVA uniforms, and an undisclosed amount of machinegun ammunition, two NVA pistols, over a ton of rice, and several photos.

The following day Co. D reported itself engaged in heavy, day-long contact with enemy of unknown size. NVA small arms and mortar fire was countered by US gunships and artillery throughout the day.

Co. A linked with Co. D in an effort to crush the enemy. The fighting continued on as the two companies expended a withering volume of fire against a well-entrenched enemy force.


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