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Cacti Blue Seize Tax Collector

BAN ME THUOT Detention of one Viet Cong suspect after contact with the enemy gave the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry a valuable look at Viet Cong activities in the area north of here.

On a sweep, Charlie Company received automatic weapons fire and engaged three individuals.

The enemy broke contact and the 2nd Platoon recovered two M2 carbines, three packs, documents and 45 pounds of rice.

At the same time, the 3rd Platoon, maneuvering into position to block the enemy retreat, sighted one individual who was engaged and detained. The detainee, who was carrying a number of documents and notebooks, stated he had been traveling with 10 other men when the contact occurred.

According to Captain John P. Fox of Fall River, Mass., battalion S-2, the suspect was a Viet Cong rice and tax collector.

"While most of the information was not of immediate tactical value, it did turn out to be interesting," said Captain Fox. "It should help the Province authorities in combating the Viet Cong"

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