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Gen. Abrams Gives DSC To Ivyman

By SP4 Obelit Yadgar

CAMP ENARI ó "Whatever happens to me while I am in Vietnam, happens because of Godís will." Specialist 5 Timothy Boris remembered as he stood before General Creighton Abrams, commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam, to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross Medal for gallantry In battle.

"Chaplain Haggin said those words in a sermon when I first came in country," said the tall, lean Ivy soldier from Chalmette, La.

"His words always stuck in my mind," continued, the young medic., "So I never worried about anything happening, even on the day of the battle."

Company D, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry had been on a cordon and search mission west of Kontum in the Central Highlands. An unknown-size enemy force lingered somewhere in the rugged jungle.

"We had just started reconning by fire," said SP5 Boris. "All of a sudden we started getting hit from all sides with mortars and machineguns."

The initial contact had wounded several Ivy soldiers. They lay pinned down in the open.

With a quick leap he darted toward his fallen friends. An enemy bullet tore into his leg. He crashed to the muddy jungle floor, sprang to his feet, and dove to the side of a wounded soldier.

He carried the Ivyman back to the perimeter, trudging through a maze of enemy lead.

"I patched him up and did what I could for him," continued SP5 Boris. "But there were more lying out there.

"I had worked and fought with those guys," he said. "They were my buddies. Besides, I didnít think my wound was that bad."

HONOR DESERVED Ė SP4 Timothy Boris of Chalmette, La., is awarded the Distinguished service Cross by General Creighton Abrams, commander of the U.S. forces in Vietnam, during ceremonies held at Camp Enari. USA Photo by 124th Signal)

He worked his way to the wounded men, darting, crawling and leaping. As he carried another Wounded friend back to the perimeter, a second enemy bullet tore into the Ivy medic.

He still managed to rescue the soldier.

For the third time he crawled toward his wounded friends. Enemy bullets made the jungle foliage thicker, whizzing overhead, tearing the jungle floor around him.

He was working his way toward another buddy, crawling in his blood stained fatigues when a third enemy bullet slammed into him.

A few minutes later he was evacuated from the battle scene. He had fought one battle with the enemy, and now he was to fight another for his life. Specialist 5 Boris is going

home soon. His wife, Effie, will be waiting there.

He will be going home with a Distinguished Service Cross and a memory ó of war and of friends and of Chaplain (Major) Melvin Haggin of San Diego, Calif.

"Whatever happens to me, happens because of Godís will."

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