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Infantry Contacts Increase

US/ARVN Slay 97 Enemy

CAMP ENARI—Fourth Division and Vietnamese soldiers killed 97 enemy troops in the Central Highlands as infantry contact continued to increase this week.

A reconnaissance patrol operating north of Dak Seang found a position recently used by a enemy size force. Five NVA were observed in the area, air strikes were called in, with secondary explosions observed. Later that afternoon more NVA were sighted in the same location. The patrol reported the enemy soldiers to be accompanied by a tall blond-haired Caucasian, wearing a khaki uniform, brown boots, a baseball cap and armed with an unidentified weapon. Also sighted was a water buffalo carrying enemy mortar tubes. Gunships rushed into the area with unconfirmed results at this time.

The heaviest fighting occurred near Due Lap when the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William C. Moore, were attacked from all sides with mortars, rockets and ground attacks. The fighting lasted over an hour and a sweep of the area later found one wounded NVA who was detained. A large supply of weapons were found in the area including 4 light machine guns, an unknown number of AK47s and SKS’s and one B40 rocket launcher. Total enemy body count reached 23.

Contact renewed between the two units two days later as the Ivymen encountered an estimated battalion size force of NVA regulars, killing 32 of the enemy soldiers. Ivy casualties were again light.

Also, a large supply of weapons was found in the area including four light machine guns, an unknown number of AK47s, and one B40 rocket launcher.

A minesweep team of the 299th Engineers discovered three Russian mines along Highway 14 north of Kontum. The mines were destroyed leaving large craters.

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