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Choppers Come To Rescue

Bees Assault MEDCAP Team

BAN ME THUOT ó When insecticide failed, they called for a chopper to blow the invaders away.

A medical team from the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, piled into their jeep and rumbled down the road toward a nearby village.

It was a routine assignment, a MEDCAP. The sun shone brightly overhead and everything appeared normal.

As the vehicle rolled down the road, an Ivy medic swatted at the bee buzzing around his head. Nothing unusual, just a bee.

The tiny insect flew away with an indignant buzz and seconds later returned with two friends.

Still unconcerned, the medic batted at the trio.

Glancing at the bee-sieged Ivyman, Dr. (Captain) Daniel Marks of Oak Park, Mich., the battalion surgeon, froze.

Huddled only inches above the manís head a large mass of bees pulsated softly.

"There must have been hundreds of them," Captain Marks recalled.

"Stop batting at those bees," whispered the Captain.

Slowly the driver brought the vehicle to a stop and the Ivy-men slithered out.

Armed with a can of insect spray, the driver approached the vehicle and opened up with a heavy burst.

Instantly, the bees came howling out of formation and the Ivymen dashed for cover.

As the dust settled, the insects returned to "their" vehicle.

The spray had done nothing to remove the buzzing menace. It had only made them angry.

Captain Marks stared at his invaded jeep for a moment and then made the "command decision.

The army doctor strolled over to a nearby helicopter, which was waiting to be refueled, and spoke to the pilot.

With a satisfied grin, Captain Marks returned to his men.

The chopper lifted off, hesitated for a moment and then moved directly over the "captured" vehicle.

The chopperís blades churned away, creating a miniature hurricane around the jeep.

Moments later, the bees were gone, literally blown away by the one hundred mile per hour winds created by the aircraft.

The MEDCAP team reclaimed their transportation and headed on their way. There is more than one way to skin a bee.

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