1916 Beginnings at Douglas, AZ  and the Battle of Ambos Nogales

Camp Travis to Assignment to the  Hawaiian Division

Assignment to the 25th Inf Div and the Attack on Pearl Harbor

25th Inf Div Daily Journals for 7 Dec 1941

The 35th Infantry Regiment had its beginnings in Douglas, Arizona in 1916. Shortly after organizing, she was involved in a conflict, to become known as the Battle of Ambos-Nogales, along the border with Mexico. With the end of WWI, the 35th was transferred to Washington State and from there to Hawaii as a member of the Hawaiian Division. The transfer to the 25th Infantry Division occurred just before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the beginnings of WWII.

World War II

Guadalcanal    Vella Lavella to New Caledonia    Luzon, Philippines

From Guadalcanal, where the 25th Infantry Division earned its nickname as the "Lightning Division", to Luzon, the 35th distinguished itself time after time. The 35th Infantry Regiment helped set a record of 165 days of continuous battle serving with the 25th Infantry Division, a record that wasn't broken until she helped break it, serving in Vietnam with the 3d Brigade.


The 35th was joined the fight early and was instrumental in holding the line at the Pusan Perimeter, winning a Presidential Unit Citation in doing so.
Vietnam - Operational Reports; After Action Reports; Major Battles; News Articles, Resources and Book Excerpts

Daily Staff Journal Reports - Vietnam

The 35th Infantry Regiment on the field of battle in Vietnam.  Official Army Documents, News Reports and Personal Accounts of the men who were there.  Two Battalions, the 1/35th, Cacti Green and the 2/35th, Cacti Blue, fought the NVA and Viet Cong in the hills of the Cambodian Border, to the coastal plains of Quang Ngai Province, in the hills west of Hoi An and back again to the border area.
Lineage and Honors  Throughout the proud history of the 35th Infantry Regiment, she has earned the honor and respect of her peers. "Take Arms"
Medal of Honor

Distinguished Service Cross

Nine Medals of Honor have been awarded to members of the 35th Infantry Regiment, From WWII, to Korea, to Vietnam.
Old Rosters  Rosters from various units of the 35th. Use these rosters, and the information provided, to attempt to find one of our "lost" guys. Let us know when you do. Got a roster? Type it up in Word or Excel and send it to us and we'll post it. 
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