War Stories

Who We Need to Thank

by John Morgan

Who We Need to Thank
By John Morgan

We went to Nam, some as teen-agers others barely twenty. We learned all to fast how our life was to change forever. We lived the horrors of War and somehow managed to survive and come home. For most of us we figured when we got home the War was over and life would go back to what we had been used too. Who knew how wrong we could be.

Some of us turned to Booze, others to Drugs, even others to both. For us this was our way of coping and keeping the horrors away. As the early years of being home went by we tried marriage, some were fortunate to find that special person the first time, and for others like myself it took a few times, and for others it never worked. We now had responsibilities, children, spouses, and jobs. For most of us it seemed this was the way out of the war. We were kept busy with our spouses and children that we had thought our problems were over. Little did we know that the second War was just churning inside of us, waiting to explode at any given moment. In some instances this led to divorces, and the inability for our children to know who there father really was. (A Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde)

We battled with ourselves not trusting anyone, and in most instances refusing to accept that there was anything wrong. It was always everyone else's fault. Yet along the way we had some how found that one special person who saw the good in us. No matter how bad it got they would stand with us, encouraging us to seek help and going to the full extreme to keep the family unit together, no matter how bad things would get.

As our children grew we hoped that they would not live the life of Hell that we lived. When they moved on with there lives we found ourselves with that one special person.

The nightmares, anger, illnesses increased and once again we were living a life of Hell. But there beside us was that Special Person. Once again supporting, encouraging, and doing everything in there power to make our life as whole as they could. They still saw the good in us. They had held the family unit together and they were not going to let us fail.

We all know who that Special Person is: She is strong, understanding, caring and most of all loving.
She is our WIFE. When we give thanks to our brothers we lost, to our Country, we should never forget to give A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR WIFE.

To my Wife Stephanie A Special Thank You for sticking with me and helping me seek the help I needed. I don't know how you did it. You stood by me and battled the war within me, but to me you are the true warrior.


Your husband
John Morgan