War Stories

The LT Has a Jungle Hammock

by Dwight F Davis

The LT Has a Jungle Hammock
by Dwight F. Davis

One day we had fun with Lieutenant Troester. The platoon was setting up for the night and he broke out a jungle hammock. He had gone to Jungle Warfare School in Panama which is where he acquired the jungle hammock. In some ways, we thought hammocks were pretty neat because they got you off the ground and you were not dependent on an air mattress for comfort. The down side was, if shooting started it was better to be on the ground rather that two to three feet above the ground. What made this incident special was the Lieutenant tying one end of his hammock to a banana tree. I poked Mike Jones and said: "You gotta see this." LT then tied the other end of the hammock to another banana tree. He then made a poncho cover with sticks on the end so he had a nice awning over his hammock. It looked very neat. When he finished, he backed into the hammock and sat down and that is when the two banana trees collapsed. We roared.