Cacti War Stories

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The Joy of Bathing

by Dwight F Davis

The Joy of Bathing

by Dwight F. Davis

Later on Easter or the next day, I cannot recall, the company moved down to the river, set up a perimeter and we all took baths in the river. We had not washed for approximately a month so it felt great. One guy became a casualty by floating on his back in the river totally naked. Most of us just took off our shirts and lowered our pants to bathe, but this guy was au naturale. We were all fairly tan from so much time in the sun, however, our bodies under our fatigues were never exposed to the sun and for us White guys, were whiter than white. This guy got badly sunburned including a sunburned penis and testicles. He was in pain for several days thereafter. Of course, the rest of us saw this as comic relief.