War Stories

6 The Good Chaplin

by Dwight F Davis

The Good Chaplain
by Dwight F. Davis

Not to long after the medical cache experience, it was Easter Sunday. Our company set up during the day in the tree line next to a large grassy field close to a river. That morning a Slick came in with two chaplains, a Protestant chaplain and a Roman Catholic chaplain. For security reasons the company was spread out into a large perimeter so the chaplains came to each platoon, conducted a brief church service, and provided counseling to the troops. They were very nice guys. After they had been there about an hour, we took incoming 60 millimeter mortar rounds. Within a few minutes the Slick was back and the Protestant chaplain beat feet to it. When it took off, I asked the Catholic chaplain why he did not get on. His response was: "I believe I am supposed to be here." I am not a Roman Catholic, however, that guy got my vote for being a great chaplain. Before he left he gave many of us Rosaries with a plastic Jesus that glowed in the dark. That was probably not a smart thing to wear in the boonies but many guys, including many who were not Catholics put them around their necks and wore them for months thereafter.