War Stories

Purple Heart and Distinguished Cross

by Ray Dillard (nephew of Francis

Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross

Dedicated to the Memory of Pvt. Francis L. "Bubbie" Mitchell KIA August 19, 1950

Bubbie was a brother and a son who gave his life. He joined to feed the family, Times were hard, there was much strife

After two years in Japan, They sent Bubbie to Korea...

The 35th Infantry Regiment of the 25th Division was among the first to enter.

To fight Reds was their mission.

Bubbie was due to be discharged on the sixth day of September. But, August 19th is the date His buddies will remember.

The fog was thick that day And the Reds crawled through the line. When the boys found out about it, It was battle time.

The Reds set up a 50 cal. They'd captured in the fight. Our boys were taking casualties, And, with fire like that they might.

Bubbie ran from his position like a rabbit from a dog. There was nothing for protection, Not a rock, and not a log.

At the truck he found a Browning Automatic B-A-R. He ran back dodging bullets, Loaded up, and returned fire.

He knocked out that 50 cal. and laid down heavy cover. The boys could manage better then And took care of the others.

When the fight was over, Bubbie paid the highest price. He'd never go back home again. The Private gave his life.

What he did that day sent good boys home. Now they're Great GrandPas. His Mother was presented A Purple Heart, and Distinguished Service Cross.