War Stories

Heavy Metal

by Frank Dahl
Korea 1951/52

Heavy Metal by Frank Dahl

We ground pounders, infantry always enjoyed a good Air Strike. It kept the commies heads down and gave us no end of enjoyment to watch them get their butts blasted. It was a beautiful spring morning at the Punch Bowl and when we heard the roar of the jet engines, we all scrambled out to watch the air show. Four Air Force P-80s banked to our right, dove, leveled off and came down the wrong ridgeline. Shit I yelled at my men get your butts down the air force has screwed up. In short order four 500 lb. bombs came screaming down on us. Thank and God and fate only one of our guys was slightly injured but it sure as hell shook up our breakfast. A nasty investigation ensued.

Frank Dahl Co. I 35th -Korea 51-52