War Stories

May 18th 1969

by Bill Rogers
May 18th 1969

May 18,1969

Recon 2/35th

Recon had just been put on a firebase for a break. Then we got the call that D co. was in heavy contact and needed reinforcements.

So Recon was called to go in. Choppers were on the way to take us in. We were picked up and ca'd out to D co. My chopper was taking heavy fire and wouldn't land, so we were told to jump off. Rounds were coming in from every where and we made it somehow to the ground.

Finally made our way into D company perimeter where Lt. Winn was taking charge. We were told to close up the gaps in the perimeter where D co. guys had been hit. We were still low crawling to get in position. Still taking heavy fire. I got behind a small tree and the gooks took the bark off the tree shooting at me. I was afraid of being over run so I opened fire blind shooting in the direction of the enemy.

That did calm things and stop the assault. Then a B40 rocket came in and exploded in the tree above me sending shrapnel everywhere. Two Recon guys to my left were hit with shrapnel and had to move to the rear. I had one small hit in my right arm that had hit my weapon then struck my right arm. Lt. Mcqunniigle my platoon Leader who was behind me, was also hit with the shrapnel. We fought for 3 hours along with D co. They had 15 WIA and 5 KIA to my knowledge.

We pulled out the next morning and went back to the firebase. I left for my R&R when we got back.

Lt. Winn was awarded the Silver Star that day.

Bill Rogers