Cacti War Stories

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Two Thumbs

by Joe Farmer
3 July1968

3 July 1968

Bravo 1/35th

Submitted by: Joe Farmer

The 3rd Platoon of B Co. left FSB Mile High with a scout dog for patrol off of the south end of the FSB. Lt. Mullenaux was Platoon Leader. SSgt. Wilson (BULL) Bullock was squad leader of 3/1 (I think). I was a brand new fire team leader in 3/1.

Sometime into the patrol, the dog alerted. There were booby traps set by V.C. and other signs that they had recently been in the area. One of the booby traps that I remember were several stocks of bamboo twisted together and pulled off to the side. There were bamboo arrows positioned in the tops of the stocks and a trip wire across the trail. Nobody tripped the trap that would have snapped the arrows across the trail about face high.

A few moments later we made contact with a squad of V.C. I believe three V.C. were killed and one or two captured. They carried SKS's and AK-47's, which we recovered.

One of the dead V.C. was a male with two thumbs who had sold Coca Cola to the GIs at Pleiku.

That was the only time during my tour that we made contact with V.C. After that it was always NVA.

LTC Mundie flew out to FSB Mile High and presented us with some kind of commendation and authorized us to wear camouflaged berets as some sort of recognition.