War Stories

Ice and Snow are not all Bad

by Frank Dahl

Ice and snow aren't all bad.

I grew up in North Dakota and most of the time snow and ice were mightily cursed. We had plenty of snow in Korea in 1951 and '52. In early 1952 I was making a round to check on my platoon. Several of my men were located in a bunker on the corner of the main line. This bunker stuck out like a sore thumb and it's construction would shame the 3 Little Pigs. It had 2 and 3 inch curved saplings for a roof and was covered with dirt, snow, and ice. I had just jumped into the bunker when we heard the report, the whine and the dull thud of a 76 SP round. It had hit low and was a dud. The next one hit, exploded and shook dirt down on us. Then came a series of (on target) rounds that would hit and ricochet up the hill. The ice and snow were causing the shells to glance off. After what seemed like an hour I called up to the forward observer and yelled, get that crap off our back! They were located immediately behind our position and this was the F.O.'s reply, hell you're not getting it all, you know. Most of it is bouncing up to us and then exploding! A short time later the 75 recoilless crew silenced the Chink 76. So ice and snow are good at times!

Frank Dahl

CO I 35th Reg Korea 51-52