War Stories

First night in the Boonies

by Dave Crocker

I remember! On my first night in the boonies I was sent out with several seasoned guys on a listening post. The sky had no sooner turned to darkness as these guys were telling me war stories that incoming started pouring in. Then the rest of the company that were position at various areas behind us opened up and firing directly over us. The banana leaves that we had laid out for ground cover were in the way as we tried to go lower. For whatever reason radio contact was non existent with the other elements even though we synchronized the frequencies before we headed out. The screaming and yelling was as loud as the firepower. Once radio contact was made we were able to eliminate the threat. This was one of those pucker up moments and then the biggest picture of my mother flashed across my eyes. I was taught to not set up before dark but I was the FNG and not about to get on the wrong foot with new buddies.