War Stories

A Real Surprise

by Frank Dahl
Long ago

When I left the states for Korea my mom said,"if you happen to get to Tokyo be sure and look up my cousin Louise A. As luck would have it my RR was scheduled for Tokyo. After a day of severe imbibing I called my mom's cousin at the U.S. Weather Bureau and in no time was talking to Cousin X. She said she just had to visit with me so gave me the address of her Woman's Billet and a time to meet. She said it was against rules so I was to wait in the lobby, she also was to be wearing a Red Dress etc. Being my mom's cousin I believed I would be dineing with a middle aged woman the age of my mom. I was sitting in the lobby what appears in a Red Outfit ....shoes purse and dress is the closest thing to powers model, After a great meal with all the trimmings we retired to the ballroom she ordered some drinks and who do I see next but Col. Jones our Battlion Cmmdr, this event took place at the Officer's Club so I'm kind of spooked. The Col, who I had met several times came over and asked who the "doll"was and I had a helluva time convindcing him she was a relative' I introduced them and went back to my drink. Frank Dahl Co.I 35th RCT