Cacti Vietnam Photos
T.J. Blue, 1/35 1966-67
Tan San Nute AB, 11 Sep 1966
Camp Alpha-90th Replacement Bn
Catholic Church near Bien Hoa AB
Saigon-Caravelle Hotel
2LT TJ Blue in Saigon
Saigon Hotel International
Pleiku-Ammo Bunkers
Pleiku-Bunker near New Pleiku AB
Near New Pleiku AB
2LT Anthony Caggiano @ 3rd Bde TF Base
2LT TJ Blue @ 3rd Bde TF Base
3rd Bde TF 25 ID Base Camp - Sandbag Chapel
1LT Cal Grafe @ 1st Bn 35th Inf field location near Duc Co
2LT TJ at Bn location near Duc Co
1st Plat Co B 1 Bn 35 Inf NCOs-SSG Jose Santos, PSG Joe Lucas & SSG Gary Stickles
Looking north from Bn firebase to Plei Djerang
Incoming chopper
Incoming chopper, Doc in foreground
Rappelling training at the Bn firebase
90mm RR & M-60 MG defensive position
22 Time for a bath
AF FAC delivers special mail
TJ takes a break on a large rock near the Cambodian border
First contact, Doc leads search of medical cache
First contact, Doc leads search of medical cache
Break before moving west. PVT Blue directly behind LT Blue
Beasts of Burden - TJ with 60lb pack & 150' rope
Se San River; catching a bath before building a log bridge
Lucas holding head of 18' rock python that came down the Se San River
TJ & 1st NVA POW captured on previous night ambush with SKS rifles
Tony Caggiano & TJ with captured material; note Chicom granade
PSG Lucas chopping mahogany tree for a supply drop
LZ 510A - 105mm Howitzer being lifted in
Sgt Carr cooking breakfast, Nov 18, 1966
Wilber Robinson giving a haircut
Wilber Robinson giving a haircut
Nov 20 - Crossing stream where 2nd Plt stops to fill canteens creating a break with the company
Nov 26 - Moving out from LZ 510A; end of Operation Paul Revere IV
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