Cacti Vietnam Photos
Tony Bisantz
French-Vietnamese War Memorial (They lost!)
Me, Cruse, John Fielding
I taught my LT's how to grow a mustache
Be it ever so humble...
"Here on 26 June 1954 the soldiers of France and Vietnam died for their country"
Didn't bother us much though
Civic action on Hwy 19 village east of Maing Giang Pass
John Fielding hands out clothing
Doc Baldwin, Claude Wilson pushing pills
Temporary bivouac along Hwy 19, Feb 66
A new dress
Construction continues at Base Camp
The Top
A short break back to Base Camp means laundry day - do it yourself
Then back out on the highway again
Hill 574
Disneyland "East" (under construction)
Along Hwy 19
Shave and haircut, 35 dong
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