Cacti Vietnam Photos
Tony Bisantz
1SGT Gaison
John Fielding
An Khe
An Khe
1st Air Cav Base Camp
Opn Garfield - We kiss our vehicles goodby and start walking. Bob Williams in a 1000 lb bomb crater
Kelsey, Coleman
105 degrees and we did a lot of walking
To pooped to participate
Abandoned village
"Yards" at Ban Brieng
A day in "Reserve" to write letters, drink beer, and play with the kids
The Top
Genghis Kahn (Jack Baldwin)
Never saw GIs or C Rations before
VC base camp (we destroyed it)
Father Filip - Mass in the field
We move to a new area
About 28 March 66, the Brass come to visit after a big fight. I hadn't shaved in 3 days or slept in two
Doc Johnson, Senior Aidman - his 3rd war in the same job celebrates his 50th birthday
Operation Garfield ends. We go back to Pleiku for a few days and prepare for operation Paul Revere
Operation Paul Revere - Waiting for choppers (4 my Lts)
LaFond, Baldwin, Scheewe, Fielding
Scheewe and Kausza
Halmann, Jim Kelsey, Jack Baldwin
"Bear" Fielding
Chow time
Approximately 13 June, back to Pleiku (A and B companies) for rest
Bridge (we won) Besantz and LaFond vs Scheewe and Kausza
New mess hall
Kids near base camp
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