Cacti Vietnam Pics
David Estes
Poncho hooches and foxhole with overhead cover
At Beverly
Mountain at Polei Kleng
Fire mission
Robert Pendergraph, Charemaine
At LZ Beverly. Nearly every kind of C-ration was in that ammo can. Sump cooking, Rocky watching
Dan Reaves, Charemaine
The Crane
Isreal, Martinez, me and Hendrix searching a village. Isreal is seranading us with a dink guitar
Guy circled is Larry Hasslet. He got stationed at Ft. Hood.
Martinez, Salman, Truck, Me, Putman, Vic, Freeborne, Bobbie
At Dak To. Israel, Baby Fat, Rocky Racoon, me, and Mainard. We're definitely feeling good
Isreal, Hendrix, (Baby Fat, Larry Hasslet), ?, Estes, Mainard, ?, Sump
Going to Bobbie
Me, taking a break on a hump. The other guy is in a line platoon named Coconut
Richard Merkel (Mainard) and me in Dak To. Lt. Jackson in the background
Hanging a Miller instead of a mortar round
Art Martinez. Fixing to go on a CA outside a village
Me and Bill Fisher
Me on the rock. Lilly
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