Cacti Vietnam Photos
Ronald Johnson, 1967-68
Margie - Arkansas "Red Cross"
Sandy Sanford - California
Back of photo: Lt. Powers, Ralph, Hawn. According to records, Lt Powers was KIA 02/08/68, the day after Johnson was killed. Link
Ralph Hamatree Chattsworth, GA.
Stewart Lee "Doc" - California
Sgt. Drummond
Back of photo: Lt. Powers, Dum-Dum, Gossett, Ralph Hamartree, Hogie, Guisseppe * Again, Johnson is not mentioned in this photo, but that is clearly him on the right
Michael E. Hogan "Hogie" - Duncanville, TX
Dave Morton "Dum-Dum" - Pleasant Hill, CA
Art Hughes says these last couple of photos, where the guys are wearing the sweaters underneath their uniforms, are likely early 68. Johnson vacationed in mid-January, and was killed February 7th, so this very well could be the last picture of him.
Dennis Chapman - Illinois
Jack "Ha-Ha" Harar, Charles Molano, Ron Johnson *Photo credit: Art Hughes. Hughes served in the 35th IR in Vietnam
Charles Molano and Johnson on the right. *Photo credit: Art Hughes. Hughes served in the 35th IR in Vietnam
In January of 1968, Ron & Judy spent time together while he was on leave in Hawaii. This is the front of the post card that Judy sent from Hawaii back home to Johnson's parents.
Happy happy days here! I think this post card is a good example of living life every day and cherishing the time we all have with each other. Judy was not only probably excited to go to Hawaii, she was very happy to see her husband and spend time with him. From the looks of the actual postcard, the date stamp was Jan 18, 1968 which means about 20 days after Judy said life was wonderful, her husband was killed...
Uhrichsville Evening Chronicle
Uhrichsville Evening Chronicle, 03/23/68
Uhrichsville Evening Chronicle. Johnson actually worked at the local newspaper as a typesetter.
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