Cacti Vietnam Photos
John Kelly B 1/35 1968-69
25 August 1968 - Bunker # 31, LZ Mary Lou – Kontum. From front
25 August 1968 - LZ Mary Lou, Kontum. From Bunker #31 – the perimeter to the North – Bunker # 32 (twin – 40mm “Duster” position) and Artillery area.
25 August 1968 - Bunker #31, LZ Mary Lou. PFC Malley, RTO, Doc Dietz
25 August 1968 - LZ Mary Lou, Kontum. Interior of Bunker #31 – Feet of Plat. Sgt. Tenorio
25 August 1968 - Interior, Bunker #31, LZ Mary Lou, Kontum. Bunks on right, opening to fighting position behind poncho to front
27 August 1968 - 10 km South of Kontum on Nat’l Highway 14. A Battery, 2/9 Arty. My RTO & Medic’s Hootch in the foreground
4 Sept 1968 - Patrol to East of LZ Mary Lou, Kontum. SP4 Bounds, AP4 Bonilla, Sgt Synstelien, SP4 Malley, PFC Leake, PFC Ransom
4 Sept 1968 - Bunker # 10 at LZ Mary Lou. Kit Carson Scout Nhan Tran Duc & SP4 Bill Malley (RTO)
4 Sept 1968 - Bunker #10 at LZ Mary Lou. Scout Nhan Tran Duc & RTO William Malley
4 Sept 1968 - After patrol. At Bunker # 10, LZ Mary Lou, Kontum. Kit Carson Scout Nhan Tran Duc (not on Patrol)
4 Sept 1968 - 8” Howitzer, Self-Propelled. LZ Mary Lou, near Bunker #10, near Kontum
4 Sept 1968 - View East from Bunker #10. LZ Mary Lou, Kontum, at sunset
15 Sept 1968 - Bridge carrying Nat’l Highway 14 over the Dak Bla. Kontum just across bridge. Picture taken from SW corner
15 Sept 1968 - Bunker A-6 at Kontum Bridge. RTOs PFC Werner & SP4 Malley
15 Sept 1968 - Bunker A6, Kontum Bridge
15 Sept 1968 - Bunker A6 Kontum Bridge. Trung Si Tung & Doc Dietz
15 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge. View from Northend of bridge to Southeast. Bunker A3
18 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge. Bunker A-3. Sgt Power, SP4 Bounds, SP4 Bonilla, PFC Pastor
18 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge. SP4 Malley, RTO
18 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge from Bunker A-3 (upstream – SW). Rubber boat where mine boom is to be emplaced
18 Sept 1968 - Bridge, Kontum. From next to Bunker a-6
20 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge at Bunker A-6. Kit Carson Scout Nhan Tran Duc
20 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge. M48 Tank about to enter North end of Bridge
23 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge from downstream - swimming area
23 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge from Bunker A-4 (NW) – Southern end
23 Sept 1968 - Kontum Bridge from Bunker A-4 (NW) - Northern end
27 Sept 1968 - 105 mm howitzer #4 Gun, Battery 2/9 Arty. 10 km South of Kontum along Nat’l Highway 14. 3rd Pplat, B Co. 1/35 Inf secured A Btry, 2 companies 40th ARVN Regt secured Arvn 105 Btry & 42nd Regt HQ. – supporting an operation by 2 US companies & 2 ARVN to the South, against 24th NVA Div.
Early Oct 68 LZ Joan {YA841249 #6536 IV} when A Co was also there. My RTO’s hootch in foreground. A Co’s line in background. NYS flag over the works. Stream down in valley.
5 Oct 68 - Stream (Ia Ban) near LZ Joan, Duc Co. Bathing after a hard day digging in – SFC Freitas (in hat), me (under water), SP/4 Freidman (looking up), Sgt Synstelien (in shadow). Taken by SP/4 Bounds, whose shadow is in stream
30 Sept 68 – CP Bunker, 3rd Plat, at LZ Gloria {YA760915 #6537IV},Kontum Province. SP/4 Malley working, SFC Freitas sitting. Bunker under construction, sandbags will placed on top. Picture taken in bright daylight in bamboo thicket.
LZ Joan, Duc Co. B Btry, 1/92 Arty – 155mm howitzers in position (view S. from perimeter)
6 Oct 68 - View from my hootch to NE, Nat’l H’way 19 goes East over hill in center background. Members of 3rd Squad, 3rd Plat., B Co sitting on perimeter bunkers. Red-and-white pole is aiming stake for B Co’s 81mm mortars. Airstrip lies at left, parallel to left edge
8 Oct 68 - Noon. Inside my hootch at LZ Joan. Platoon Leader, 3rd Plat. Co B, 1/35 Inf
8 Oct 68 - Noon. In hootch at LZ Joan SFC Robert E. Freitas, Platoon Sgt of 3rd Plat., Co. B, 1/35 Inf
8 Oct 68 - C-123 Provider (2 engine transport) landing at Duc Co. Carrying CIDG troops for sweep of Ia Drang Valley, to South
8 Oct 68 - C-130 Hercules (4-engine turbo-prop transport) landing at Duc Co with ARVN troops for operation in Ia Drang Valley. CP bunker, 3rd Plat B Co 1/35 Inf in foreground (mine)
11 Oct 68 – Morning. On runway at Duc Co, waiting to CA to LZ Charlotte. White plume of smoke on hill in center background is part of 155mm preparatory fires
11 Oct 68 - Morning. On airstrip at Duc Co, waiting to CA to LZ Charlotte – L. to R. - PFC Crowley, PFC Webb, SP/4 Arceo, PFC Stitt, SP/4 Malley
11 Oct 68 - Morning. A slick (Huey) descends into the undergrowth on LZ Charlotte – troops in this CA had to jump out as the helicopter hovered several feet up, as fallen trees & undergrowth prevented landing. Helicopters came & left vertically.
13 Oct 68 – Morning. 3rd Plat, B Co 1/35 Inf packing to leave LZ Mary S. Air attack caused blown-down trees. Facing SW.
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