Cacti Return to Vietnam 2001
Al Olsen, Paul Blackburn, Vern Schwarze at Mekong Luncheon
Al Olsen goes to church
Al Olsen sheds a tear at Khe Sanh
Inquisitive face at the ville
Babysahn on boat
Ben Youmans in 'yard village
Return to Vietnam
Mr. and Mrs. Phong with Ben Youmans
Ben and Mr. Phong
Ben deep in thought
Bhuddist temple offering
Pete Birrow - Tonsonnhut
Coco's sidewalk restaurant in Hue
Daily tour briefing
Displaced 'yards near Khe Sahn
Danang hotel lobby
Don Duncan on Mekong River patrol
Ed Mosey and French commando
Duc Pho, kid 1
Ed Mosey talks to Brits from other bus
Ed Mosey, Tom Mahon, Mike Janeczko, Al Olsen at Phu Bai
Ed Mosey sleeps on the Perfume riverboat
Ed Mosey, Joe Lucas ponder a puchase on a boat
Entrance to Reunification Palace
Electrician wih French bucket truck
Fart Cart
Happy Duc Pho guy with new hat
Fake dog tags
Head cook on boat
Heart felt thanks for remember Phong's deeds of the past
Jim Anderson, Ben Youmans at Hai Van Pass
Jim Anderson
Joe Lucas and Ed Mosey with the Rockpile in the background
Jim Anderson, Vern Schwarze, Sgt Phong at French dinner party
Joe Lucas, Ben Youmans near Rockpile
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