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5734. To bravo. 2/35 , 69-70 Ed Mosey lost his wife Anna last friday. His wife was from Norway and a very accomplished person. Our thoughts are with Ed.

Al Arroyo --   -- 09/17/2021

5733. Looking for some members from Vietnam 1969 70 company b Cacti blue

Tom Manley -- Huron OH  -- 08/27/2021

5732. Gents;

It is my sad duty to report the death of Lt Don ,Donnie, Blankin on July 29, 2021. Don was an FO for both A,2,35 and C,2,35. He also served as the Fire Direction Officer for B Battery.

Don had wanted to join us for a Reunion many times, but his doctor advised no travel for many years prior to his passing. Don was involved in major fighting in Duc Lap near the Cambodian border with tragic consequences. He summarized his experiences in a War Story he wrote named The Coffin Corner. It is a difficult read.

Please keep Donnie and all of our redleg brothers in your thoughts and prayers as we grow older and grayer, but never forget the strong bonds of brothers in combat.


Dennis Dauphin



Dick Arnold --   -- 08/17/2021

5729. In memory of Paul Demaline A 2/35 and Robert Ater A 2/35 who perished in the service of their country and men injured in an ill fated helicopter crash 51 years ago August 17, 1970. Passage of time does not diminish memory. Cacti Forever John Linn

John Linn -- Sydney NSW AUS -- 08/17/2021

5728. Hey there Cacti Brothers, this is the guy called Peabo from 1/35th 1979-1982 Co B. I saw a note from a Eddie Garcia below from Co. B, 1980-82. Just checking to see if it is the same Eddie Garcia who I played basketball with. Give me a call at 202-498-0447. Peabo

Francis Bryant -- King George VA USA -- 08/15/2021

5727. Thanks to all of the Cacti friends who watched David's virtual celebration.

I got mixed reviews from some people. Said it was not loud enough and camera too far away. We tried to share with all of you. Thank you to Tom Gragg and Gary Perkins for attending. It was a tribute that I think David would have approved of. Hope to see you all in 2022 at the reunion.

Patricia Manrique -- Fremont CA USA -- 08/08/2021

5726. Topic: David Manrique's Celebration of Life

Time: Aug 6, 2021 10:45 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 542 530 6595

Passcode: rb7P5y

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Meeting ID: 542 530 6595

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Find your local number:

Dick Arnold --   -- 08/02/2021

5725. On our feet grunts ....our country seems to be at a crossroad....nevertheless Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow grunts ....we all paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam era ....don't sweat today's generation they will anti up one way or another ....and blood will be shed ....Freedom is not Free ...God Bless The USA .....and don't forget Vets like my dad who served during WWII as a POW of the Japanese for 4 long years ....

Larry Frias Jr -- Kingsland TX  -- 07/07/2021

5724. My father in law (William Talley) they knew him as Will aka warrior. He is currently looking to know if anyone is still there. He was a part of 1/35th and served in Vietnam late 1968-1969. He can't find anyone.

Kristen McCall --   -- 07/04/2021

5723. I would love to find out more information about my uncle Alan Shearer Jr. - KIA 04/29/51. Also, I have a photo that I would like to have added to his record on your website. Who should I contact?

Thank you

Delise Shearer -- Henderson NV  -- 06/16/2021

5722. Hi Gents,

We need one more Vietnam KIA photo, I say again, one.

He is Juan A Diaz-Domenech. Juan served with B,2nd 35th though records indicate he may have been in HHC,2nd 35th when he died.

He committed suicide on September 23 1969, his tour started March 9 1969.

Now, youse Bravo guys like to brag on your top attendance at reunions, running around saying Bravo Rules.

Well and good. But what we are going to do is this: until we get a photo of Juan, all B,2nd 35th members will be fined $200 dollars per annum.

Appreciate all ideas you may have. Thanks guys!

Dick A

Dick Arnold --   -- 06/08/2021

5721. In memory of Herbert Horner B 2/35 who died in the service of his country 51 years ago June 5, 1970. Rest In Peace.

John Linn -- Sydney Australia -- 06/05/2021

5720. In memory of Robert Guinn who died in the service of his country 51 years ago June 4, 1970. Remembered always. RIP

John Linn -- Sydney Australia -- 06/04/2021

5719. I was honored today to pay my respects to my great uncle

Harold b Hammitt. i Thank all those who gave for my freedom

on this memorial day, god bless

Adam A Hammitt -- Kerrick MN  -- 06/01/2021

5718. This Memorial Day let us never forget the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of this great Nation. To all fallen Cacti may you rest in peace.

Tim Baranyay -- Whiting NJ  -- 05/29/2021

5717. Looking for somebody who knew Cashmere R. Marsh from A Co. 1/35th

Thank you,

I was with Delta Co. 1/22th Inf. 67/68

John Piraino -- Ormond Beach FL  -- 05/23/2021

5716. RIP Dad, Kenyon and Walter you all are missed but not forgotten.

Michael E Johnson -- Phoenix AZ  -- 05/19/2021

5715. On the occasion of Memorial Day, 2021, I want to remember all of our fallen brothers but, especially, Jake Price (2nd Platoon) and Bill (Steve) Illman (1st Platoon) of B Company, 2/35th, who sadly, made the ultimate sacrifice on January 2, 1968 while fighting an entrenched and numerically superior regular NVA force .

We are here today because of their heroism and sacrifice.

They will live forever in our hearts and minds as long as we can draw a breath and we will never forget them.

May they rest in peace and may the perpetual light shine upon them.

John Pipia

B Company, 2/35th

John Pipia -- La Canada CA  -- 05/17/2021

5714. In remembrance of Charles Bazzinotti and Paul Ramos B 2/35 who died in the service of their country 51 years ago May 13, 1970. Both died in a tragic accident returning from the Cambodia Incursion (May 7, 1970-May 13, 1970.) Duty with honour. Rest In Peace.

And in memory of the men who sustained injuries as a result of the accident aftermath. Let tribute be paid to the efforts and heroic deeds of the men in rescue and life saving attempts.

Never forgotten and Cacti forever.

John Linn B 2/35

John Linn -- Sydney Australia -- 05/13/2021

5713. Just looking for anyone that served with A 1/35 between 1982-1985

Rafael Nova -- Fleetwood PA  -- 05/10/2021

5712. In remembrance of Richard (Dick) Mathias B 2/35 who died in the service of his country 51 years ago on this day May 8, 1970 during the Cambodia Incursion. Rest In Peace.

John Linn -- Sydney AUS -- 05/08/2021

5711. Does anyone have a company roster for B Company 2nd Battalion 35th Infantry from November 1967 to May 1968

Stephen Jeffrey -- Kennesaw GA  -- 05/06/2021

5710. I'm researching my uncle SSgt Ronald Kent HHC 1 BN 35 Inf 25 Inf Div Recon Plt who was KIA 1-20-67. Ronnie was from Page,ND. He was KIA 1/20/67 in Bihn Dihn Province. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions during an ambush. I'm trying to track down where he was actually killed. If anyone can help please feel free to contact me by replying to my email.

Todd Nelson

Retire Law Enforcement

From Page,ND.

Todd Nelson -- Page ND  -- 05/02/2021

5709. Served in HHC cacti dec 1980-dec 1983

HHC command RTO. Humping kahukus, big island, Korea, Japan

What's a time. Miss friends from that time Big George, Ricky Flowers, Brew Bentley, Patrick mccomb. Commo section

Rick Pliler -- West Plains MO  -- 04/17/2021

5708. Just signing in to say hello, and thank you all for your service, especially those who served with my Father Paul Dropco. And to say Welcome Home Brothers.

MATTHEW DROPCO -- Delaware OH  -- 04/09/2021

5707. Our brother in arms William P. Barber, Sr. passed away on Feb 23, 2021. He served with the 35th Infantry Regiment in WWII. Please go to the link below for his obituary to read about his life and service. RIP William.

Dave Muxo -- Orem Ut  -- 04/09/2021
Email --

5706. I received a call from Pat Martin this morning saying Martha Henderson had called him and that Joe Henderson, our 2017-19 Assn Pres. passed away last night. Joe had been fighting several cancers over the years and it looks like the lung cancer finally got him. Martha said he was in the hospital the last 3 weeks and had broken his hip a few weeks back and had it repaired but never was able to walk on it. He was sent home Monday to hospice, so he passed at home.

Doc J

Don Johnson -- Baton Rouge LA  -- 04/07/2021

5705. Mile High April 1968. Restless energy that remains core memories along with so many others. Rest in peace.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 04/05/2021

5704. I regret to inform all my Cacti Brothers and Sisters of the passing of our Third Brigade Chaplin from Vietnam Father Kevin Devine. He passed away the morning of March 25th. 2021. He will be missed by all who were touched by his actions in Vietnam from early 1969 thru 1970. We also shared his company at our last four reunions. Where he so enjoyed the company of our Brothers and Wives. Rest in Peace Father Kevin you are missed by all who knew you.

Joe Soga -- Kutztown PA  -- 03/26/2021

5703. In remembrance of Larry Comis who died in the service of his country 51 years ago March 24, 1970. Duty served. Rest In Peace.

John Linn -- Sydney AUS -- 03/23/2021

5702. If anyone receives an email purportedly from me asking for help/assistance of any kind, the request is not from me. Mark it as SPAM and get rid of it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mike Slyck -- Rochester NY  -- 03/16/2021

5701. This is to remember the memory of my brother James P. Perrone, Jr who gave his life in service to his country on March 12, 1967. Special gratitude to those Cacti who was with Jim when he died, and who have steadfastly kept his short life alive for those of us who went forward: David Dunn, Peter Dykstra, Art Johnson, Bobby Day,Stanley Roberts, Larry Hicks and Hal Bowling. Jim's family will be forever grateful for your friendship and for so graciously welcoming us into your lives.

Glenn Perrone -- Ridgewood NJ  -- 03/12/2021

5700. Remembering Ivan Steenburgh, Gene Stringer, Daniel Carter and C. Cordone KIA on this day 1951. May they rest in peace Frank Dahl

Frank Dahl -- Billings MT  -- 03/11/2021

5699. A great Texan and soldier Nelson Blum made the ultimate sacrifice on March 9, 1951. He was with me a long time before this tragic event. Frank Dahl

Frank Dahl -- Billings MT  -- 03/08/2021

5698. Remembering All The Valiant Cacti Who Gave All 3/7/69.

William Delaney --   -- 03/07/2021

5697. Prayers for the soul of my dad, Dan Gleason. KIA 2/23/69.

Thanks to Larry Burgin, Johnny Barnes and Buck Shafer for reaching out to me through the years.

Jim Gleason -- Casper WY  -- 02/23/2021

5696. Hello! I served in Charlie Co. from late 1975 to 1978. I enjoyed being with this unit and in Hawaii was not bad either! Any of you grunts out their yet i hope?

Jeff C Kells -- Farmington MN  -- 02/23/2021

5695. Looking for anyone who knew James E. Brown, D 1/35th in 1968 to 1969. He recently passed away and his family is looking for information about his service. Please contact me or Jim Anderson.

Dave Muxo -- Orem UT  -- 02/20/2021

5694. In memory of a classmate and fellow Cacti, Eugene Lavey who passed away. He was seriously wounded on Feb. 14 1951 north of Seoul.

Gene passed away in Dec. Frank Dahl Co I

Frank Dahl -- Billings MT  -- 02/12/2021

5693. In memory of Bill Greenwell, KIA February 16, 1968. Rest in Peace never forgotten.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 02/10/2021

5692. Served as 1/35th Infantry (Light) BN S-2 from April 1985 to April 1986. I was fortunate to serve with LTC James T. Hill (BN CDR), better known as Tom. For those who may not know, Tom was later selected to Command the 25th and ended his career as the SOUTHCOM Commander. I only mention him because he was by far the best commander I ever served!! HUMVEEs are great vehicles, but nothing beats driving recklessly in a 1/4 ton jeep w/o the top and windshield in Korea, during the winter in support of Team Spirit! Great Times!

Joseph D Fish, Ed.D -- Fayetteville NC  -- 02/02/2021

5691. I served with the Cacti - Bravo 1/35th and HQ 1/35th from 1980 to 1982.

Edwin Garcia AKA: Eddie -- Kapolei HI  -- 01/20/2021

5690. My uncle Bernard Quarles was in 2/35 Inf. In Vietnam.

Trying to find folks who might have known him

Patrick Howard -- Youngstown Oh  -- 01/17/2021

5689. JESUS took Alan Tyson Chaplain served with Cacti135 1968 into His ARMS and to HEAVEN about 12:20. Today

GARY MCDONOUGH --   -- 01/13/2021

5688. I just received a card from Jennifer, daughter of Charles and Nancy Brown. She informed me of their passing which I was totally unaware of. I should read our guestbook more often I know! They will be missed, but remembered in my prayers.

Allan Meyer -- Ingleside IL  -- 01/09/2021

5687. I recently learned that John K Terry (Jack) passed on February 19, 2015 and is buried at West Point. I believe Jack was with Echo 1/35 1967-1968, but could be mistaken. We met in 2000 at the second Cacti reunion in DC and spent a lot of time together hanging around museums and talking the stuff old war horses talk about. Then over the years drifted apart as so often happens but I never forgot those moments of reflection, anger and grief we shared. Rest in Peace Jack.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 01/02/2021

5686. In memory of Thomas Pakula B Co. 2/35 who died in the service of his country 51 years ago December 27, 1969. Duty served. Rest In Peace.

John Linn -- Sydney AUS -- 12/27/2020

5685. It is with immense sadness that we must report that our B 1/35th brother John Kelly passed away last night, cause unknown as yet. He was chopping wood and working on his car yesterday. This has come as a shock to all of us. He was a good friend and we will miss him.

Dave Muxo -- Orem UT  -- 12/22/2020

5684. : Here's the latest from the VA on vaccines for Vets:

Under this plan, we'll first offer vaccines to these 2 groups:

Veterans living in our long-term care facilities, and

VA health care personnel. Vaccinating our high-risk VA health care personnel helps us continue providing care for Veterans.

We based this plan on these criteria from CDC guidelines:

Risk of becoming infected with the virus

Risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19

Risk of spreading the virus to others

Risk of harm to society if essential workers, including health care personnel, are unable to work

After the first 2 groups, we'll begin to offer vaccines to more Veterans who are at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

Gary Dittmer -- Woolbridge VA  -- 12/19/2020

5683. Wishing all Cacti young and old a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. Frank Dahl Co I Korea 51 -52

Frank Dahl -- Billings MT  -- 12/15/2020

5682. Good day fellow Cacti. I want to wish all a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays. My name is Roger Hackenburg probably known to most as Hack.Time in Vietnam was basically all of 1966. part of Recon Plt. HHC 2/35th Lt. Brennan was Plt. Leader, Sgt. Hinzman Plt. Sgt.i carried the radio for Brennan because I was the Plt. interrperter for platoon, and wherever he was in the field I was beside him.My best buddies were Harris and Sanderson (Medic) and silver star rcciepiant: the two Simms Boy (Big and Baby) Swenson and Ledebuer. I hope I spelled them right. At some time during that year we had a free lance photographer with us in the field. A photo of me endened up in a Men's Magazine so I know he was selling them. Just wondering if anyone knows if he posted some on line or how to get a hold of him or his photos I'd like to take a look at 54 years ago.Finally for those that were there my worst day in Vietnam was Aug. 2nd 1966. We must of lost 6 to 10 guys that day

including Ledebur Capt. McDonough and 1st Sgt Perez. I hope 2020 soon ends. My best wishes to everybody and stay safe

Roger Hackenburg -- Selinsgrove PA  -- 12/12/2020

5681. I am looking for the Buck SGT that was with me in the Foxhole. Hopefully, he still alive. On NOV 29th or 30th 1968, He was shipped to Pleiku, South Vietnam from Fort Lewis, Washington State. He was assigned to A Co. 1st BN 35th INF 3BDE 4th INF DIV Alpha Co. 1968-1969. I do not remember his name. I got orders to go back to the rear because my older brother came in country. I was only there nine months. I'm asking for extracts for all the SGTs that left Vietnam from this location. I need his name for my service connection claim. Any leads will be appreciated. Please contact: (904) 540-3569

SPC George Ransom -- St Augustine FL  -- 12/12/2020

5680. Today 12/3/2020 the head of VA announced the Vaccine for COVID will be available for high risk VETS within the next few weeks. Pay attention and get vaccinated!

Gary Dittmer -- Woodbridge VA  -- 12/04/2020

5679. Per his daughter's post on Facebook, Cacti member Ray Maylen has COVID-19.

Dick Arnold --   -- 11/24/2020

5678. Any of youse guys recall the names of the Basic Tng firing ranges at Fort Knox? The only one I remember is Ditto Hill.

Thanks, Dick

Dick Arnold --   -- 11/24/2020

5677. I wish all our Cacti, active duty, retired, veterans and their families a peaceful and healthy Thanksgiving. As you gather with your families and friends take a moment to remember our brothers and sisters who will not be celebrating with their families and say a little prayer for them. Remember those Thanksgiving feasts when you weren't home with your loved ones and be grateful those days are in your past. Take care during this pandemic season to keep your loved ones close and as safe as possible. Remember too our brothers and sisters who have passed because of this disease.

Michael Slyck -- Walnut Cove NC  -- 11/23/2020

5676. Searching for anyone who may have served with my father and was involved in the Battle of One-Niner on March 21st 1967. I lost my father that day; his name was Robert Reinke from Appleton, WI. Would love to speak with anyone who may have served with him. He served with C Company, 2nd Bn. from October 1966 to March 1967. Thank you!

Robert Reinke -- Appleton WI  -- 11/14/2020

5675. : Im very happy to have found my great uncle . Dean Davidson he was KIA during WWII on Luzon Island April 10 th 1945 . My grandma and others spoke highly of him . I never met him of course , but my middle name is in honor of him . Veterans Day 2020 , Thank you , Bruce

Bruce D Davidson -- Boise ID  -- 11/12/2020

5674. Happy Veterans Day Cacti, warm regards and stay healthy!

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 11/11/2020

5673. In tribute, honor and remembrance of all veterans past and present Veterans Day 2020. Cacti Forever.

John Linn --  Sy Australia -- 11/10/2020

5672. As Veterans Day 2020 nears, submitting a Remembrance of Silver Star recipient Sergeant Kenton Elwood Henninger, KIA in the Chu Pong Mountain area, Pleiku Province, on 7 March 1969.

Terry Barrett --   -- 11/08/2020

5671. To Fellow Cacti: Never would have thought I would hit this mile stone especially some of those sub zero nights on Korea but today I hit the Big 90. Thanks to The Big Man Up Above, my wife of 66 years and friends like The Cacti Gang. Thanks all of you...Frank Dahl Co I Korea 51-52

Frank Dahl --  Bi MT -- 10/28/2020

5670. RE: Nancy Brown

From Bob Ord.

Dear Dick,

Nancy Brown passed away today to COVID.


Jennifer and Jeff have lost both parents in a week's time.

Best, Bob

Dick Arnold --   -- 10/25/2020

5669. Served A 1/35th September 75 to October 78 Cacti all the way

Enrique Rangel -- Orange CA  -- 10/23/2020

5668. Please see the note below from Bob Ord. Looks like Nancy, Charles Brown's wife is in the hospital with COVID.

Thank you, Doc, for getting back to me so promptly.

Before Charlie's wife Nancy came down with the COVID and admitted to the hospital where she is now, she asked me to notify the Cacti Regimental Association of Charlie's COVID illness.

Subsequently, Charlie lost the fight to survive on Monday night, 19 Oct 2020.

Charlie and I maintained a close personal relationship since 1966. I have the utmost respect and admiration for him as a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Soldier and all around Good Man.

Thank you for the great work you are doing for our Regimental Association. Much appreciated.

Stay safe and well, Bob

Don Johnson -- Baton Rouge LA  -- 10/22/2020

5667. Hello Doc,

Charles Brown, my 3rd Plt Ldr in C Co, 2/35, died of COVID Monday 19 Oct 2020.

If this email makes it to you and I hear back, I will fill you in with details.

Warm regards, Bob Ord

Robert L. Ord, III

LTG, U.S. Army Ret.

Don Johnson -- Baton Rouge LA  -- 10/22/2020

5666. It is with heavy heart that I have to report that our Brother Adrain Gwen Jones A/2/35 67/68 Reported to Heavens Gate September 3rd 2020

John Thomas -- Higden AR  -- 10/14/2020

5665. I am looking for anyone who knew my great grandfather SSGT Gilberto Soto-Garcia B company , 1/35th Infantry ,3rd Brigade ,25th Infantry Division.

He served in Korea and Vietnam where he died in action in 1966

Andrea Soto --   -- 09/28/2020

5664. 75 years ago today Cpl Art Stapel 35th ID (Cacti) earned the Bronze Star for Valor at Masan-ni, Pusan Perimeter.

He and other volunteers fought through communist lines to rescue a trapped unit.

Neal Stapel -- Clover SC  -- 09/03/2020

5663. Doc,

As I was unpacking boxes last night I pulled outRecon and The Green Monster and started reading it again. It reminded me I had not talked to you in forever. I hope all is well with you and your family.

My family and I are just re-establishing on Oahu. I am now lucky enough to command yet another decorated unit from Vietnam, the 196th Infantry Brigade.

Hopefully we can all start travelling again soon and see each other.

Please tell any of the others you see or talk to hey and Left Hand High for me.


Cacti Forever,


Don Johnson -- Baton Rouge LA  -- 09/02/2020

5662. Still kicking at 75 years old.

Frank Arthur Lynn -- Apache Junction AZ  -- 08/27/2020

5661. Due to Medical Surgeries and percieved Security Problems in the Minnesota/Wisconsin areas I have decided to cancel my Trip to Bloomington MN. next Month. I was REALLY looking forward to going, but then there is next year. I hope to see all of you along with any/all new Assn. Members there.-Cacti FOREVER!! Tom Gragg C/2 1967-1968.

Thomas W Gragg -- Harrisburg PA  -- 08/25/2020

5660. In remembrance of Paul Demaline A 2/35 and Robert Ater C 2/35 who died in the service of their country and men injured in an ill fated helicopter crash 50 years ago August 17, 1970.

The passage of time does not dimmish the memory. Cacti Forever.

John Linn -- Sydney NS AUS -- 08/17/2020

5659. Johnny Unpingco, nicknamed Little John. Bravo Company, 2/35th 1968-1969.

1/35th Charlie Company at Scholfield, 1970-1974.

Passed away 07/10/2020 at Tripler Army Medical Center. If you knew my father, or have any photos to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Due to the COVID pandemic, there is a private service, and later Committal Service, honors burial at the Hawaii State Veteran Cemetery in Kaneohe, Hawaii. If you have any story or photos to share, please send them to my email:

Thank you all for your service.

Joseph Unpingco --   -- 08/09/2020

5658. Aug 2 1969 seems like a lifetime ago- then again seems like only yesterday. Robert Lynn Shook KIA Plieku Vietnam.

Freddie R Shook -- Adel GA  -- 08/02/2020

5657. Sadly we report the passing of TJ Blue. His obituary may be found at:

Jim Anderson -- Marysvile WA  -- 08/01/2020

5656. I would like to thank John Lorts for the great job he did as editor for the Cacti Times for many years. He has retired from that job, he and his dictionary deserve a rest.

Rocco DeRosa -- Fountain Hills AZ  -- 07/31/2020

5655. My father, Carl Titzer, passed away July 8. While going through his stuff I found many years of your Cacti Times. My dad was a proud veteran and I know he kept in contact with some he served with, went to some reunions as well. I would like to notify those he kept in contact with but have not located any contact information for them. I saw in your news magazine a listing of those who have passed. Would there be a way to get my father listed. Then maybe those he knew, if they get the magazine, would know of his passing.

Thank you,

Denise Titzer

Denise Titzer --   -- 07/26/2020

5654. : I am looking for any of you guys who knew my father if you were in the 1/35th in 1968 to 1969. At one time, he was in the 3rd platoon of B company. His name was SFC Harley (Jim) Stamey. I think he also served in the 4th Div. NCO Training school. He was from Morrow/Forest Park, Georgia area. My father died of a heart attack in 1981. My phone number is 770-262-9342

Thanks to all of you guys who fought in combat for our country! I am very proud of you!

Sincerely, Robert Stamey (son)

Robert Stamey -- Oxford GA  -- 07/19/2020

5653. My husband was Peter A McClusky, he passed away 5/5/17 I was wondering if anyone remembers him and where you were located. His DD214 says he was CO,1st Bat Gp,35th infantry

Leila McClusky -- Walbridge Oh  -- 07/14/2020

5652. My dad John W Ford was 2nd battalion 35th infantry. US Army 1967-1969. Anyone remember him? If so,I would love to put him in contact. Thank you for your service and God Bless you all!!

John L Ford -- Covington GA  -- 06/24/2020

5651. Obit for Captain Kenneth Barton, B, 1/35th.

Art Hughes -- Santa Rosa CA  -- 06/22/2020

5650. Despite this year's Reunion being cancelled, I still plan to be at the Hotel from the 25th through the 1st of October. If anyone lives in or is visiting the area then please look me up and maybe by then We can find a place to eat or meet. I intend to visit the Gravesite's of at least 2 of our WWII Veterans who are interred at the Ft. Snelling National Cemetery which is just a

Thomas W Gragg -- Harrisburg PA  -- 06/21/2020

5649. VVMF & Sons and Daughters In Touch - Father's Day Tribute -

Sons and Daughters in Touch is an organization of Gold Star Children of the Vietnam War. Every 5 years they hold a Father's Day service and wash the wall. The event scheduled for this Father's Day has been cancelled due to Covid-19, but the VVMF is helping organize a video tribute, and survivors will record a message honoring their dads and it will be posted on 6/21. Visit for more information.

Jim Gleason -- Casper WY  -- 06/15/2020

5648. In remembrance of Herbert Horner B 2/3 who died in the service of his country 50 years ago this day, June 5, 1970. RIP. Cacti Forever.

John Linn -- Sydney Au  -- 06/05/2020

5647. In remembrance of Robert Guinn B 2/35 who died in the service of his country 50 years ago

this day, June 4, 1970. Honoured forever.

John Linn -- Sydney Australia -- 06/04/2020

5646. Thank you for posting such a wonderful piece about Fred Dewitt. Fred and I were Platoon leaders in the same company at the same time and our friendship expanded after military service. At reunions we would revisit old memories as if they were reflections of recent events so real and so full of energy even after fifty plus years. Funny how we all tend to do that. It was a shock to have heard of his passing but know he is finally at peace. I will miss you my friend.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 06/01/2020

5645. Memorial Day in 2020 was different from any we've ever experienced in our lifetimes.

However, despite this, one thing remained unchanged and that is the memory of our departed warriors who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I want to pay my respects and honor all of them but particularly William (Steve ) Illman and Jake Price, both fine members of B Company, 2/35th Infantry who perished on January 2, 1968.

They will live forever in our minds and hearts. May they Rest In Peace and May the Perpetual Light shine upon them.

John Pipia, B 2/35

John Pipia --   -- 05/30/2020

5644. My Brother Melvin E Huffman served with D Co, 2/35 in Vietnam 68/69. Was a Infantryman. Involved in 13 Combat Actions. Does Anyone here remember him? Any Information on his participation in Actions?


Michael Huffman

SGM U.S. Army Retired

Michael W Huffman --   -- 05/26/2020

5643. 31 May 1966 lost a comrade Donald Carl Green at lz 10a thanks to all for their service

Robert Flatt -- Payneville KY  -- 05/25/2020

5642. Served Company A 1/35th. Squad Leader, May, 1968 to July 1969.

Gary Joseph Radulski -- Roseville MI  -- 05/25/2020

5640. Would anyone know what battle Mar. 12 1967 was called except being in the Khon Toun where it took place. Was it ever gave a battle contact designation?

Chuck Coates Sr. -- Bradenton FL  -- 05/25/2020

5639. Hi everyone. It has been quite some time since I have posted here but just want you all to know that I haven't forgot you all or the men that paid the ultimate sacrifice. I have been dealing with a lot of excruciating pain in my right hip,thigh, calf and shin making it almost impossible to walk until the meds kick in.

With that said I pause to remember;

LT Everette E Johnson Jr, Walter T Geiger, Kenyon E Bean,

Robert L Murphy, Donald S Holke, Joe H Furch, Jose Ramos Jr,

Rodney L Hoffman, Bernard J Meirndorf and Ronald S Sandel.

David C Crocker -- Clinton MD  -- 05/24/2020

5638. On this Memorial Day Weekend I want to wish all Cacti, everywhere, a happy and blessed time. I know this year Memorial Day activities will be far different from those we celebrated in the past but wish each of you to celebrate the memories of our fallen brothers and sisters in your own way. Ensure our fallen Cacti are never forgotten by saying their names; remembering them from your time together; pausing and reflecting on the sacrifices they made to ensure our nation and way of life survive. My wish for each of you and your families is you continue to be safe and live for each of our brethren who did not. Take Arms Left Arm High

Mike Slyck -- Rochester NY  -- 05/24/2020

5637. Remembering Robert Lynn Shook, KIA August-2-69. Never forgotten brother- until we meet again

Freddie R Shook -- Adel GA  -- 05/24/2020

5636. To Mike Branin C 1/35 who was KIA Nov. 13, 1968 on LZ Jean. It's been 52 years Mike and this is the first year with no parade. There's a Pandemic called COVID 19 out there making people sick. This year I dedicate Memorial Day to you and all the men and women who gave all in the service to this nation. God bless those who continue to serve and sacrifice to keep this nation free.

Timothy S Baranyay -- Whiting NJ  -- 05/23/2020


KIA 5.19.67 MISS YOU

Michael E Johnson -- Phoenix AZ  -- 05/19/2020

5634. Had command of A Company, and HHC in Hawaii during the reactivation of the 25th Inf Division. Anyone remember me?

Larry Mladek -- Georgetown TX  -- 05/18/2020

5633. In remembrance of Charles Bazzinotti and Paul Ramos, Jr. B 2/35 who died in the service of their country 50 years ago May 13, 1970 in a tragic accident upon return from Cambodia.

Rest in peace.

And in memory of the men who sustained injuries in the aftermath. Along with tribute to those for their heroic deeds of rescue attempt.

Cambodia Incursion May7, 1970-May 13, 1970

Cacti Forever

John Linn -- Sydney NS Australia -- 05/13/2020

5632. Take Arms... I served as the HHC 2/35 Medical Platoon Sergeant from 2008-2011. Such an honor and privilege to be apart of this great Regiment.


CSM Roderick Taylor

Roderick Taylor -- Hinesville GA  -- 05/11/2020

5631. In remembrance of Richard 'Dick' Matheis B 2/35 who died in the service of his country 50 years ago on May 8, 1970 in Cambodia. Rest in peace for all eternity.

John Linn -- Sydney NS Australia -- 05/08/2020

5630. I recently learned of a passing of a platoon member 1st Platoon, Company C 2/35. Vietnam 1967-68. Oleomar Barraza, desceased September 26, 1947 January 7, 2019. Rest in peace Oleo. https:www.dignitymemorial.comobituariesvictoria-txoleomar-barraza-8119742

Kenneth Smith -- Silsbee TX  -- 05/07/2020

5628. : After seeing the mental health problems the Doctors and Nurses are having coping with COVOD-19, makes me appreciate and respect more the Medics in our units, Nurses and Doctors at the MASH units and the Evac's who saw so much more.

Gary 1/35 Alpha 67-68

Garry Dittmer --   -- 05/05/2020

5627. Hello All,

It is an honor to be among you as a Soldier that has served in 2-35 INF BN. I served in 2014-2017 in Cacti, my first unit. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Still serving, currently overseas. I look back at all the memories I have and there is immense pride to be one of you.

Thank you everyone for your service and your camaraderie in arms.


Doc Best

2/35 HHC

Voodoo PLT

C CO 1st PLT Reaper Medic


Stephen Best --   -- 04/26/2020

5626. Hello,

My father served in the Korean War Dec 1951- Feb 1953

25th Division 35th Infantry Regiment

I'm trying to plan a 90th bday drive-by to celebrate this mans life & service to his country. Can you give any advice or help on this matter?

He lives in Doylestown PA & I'm trying to contact anyone I can think of to help organize a drive by salute to this man on Friday May 1st.

Please let me know if you can help in anyway.

Thank you

Dianna Berger


Dianna Berger --   -- 04/22/2020

5625. My name is Justin Olson. My grandfather was SP4 Ronald Leon Olson. I happened upon this website while searching for information regarding my grandfather. I know very little about him, seeing as my own father was merely six months old when my grandfather was lost. If anyone that reads this knew him, remembers him, has photos of him, or even has a story to tell about him, I would love to hear from you.

I can be reached at

I hope everyone is doing well.

(Ron Olson was with A,2/35; KIA 11/24/1969 editor)

Justin M Olson -- Burlington VT  -- 04/21/2020

5624. : Hope everyone. Staying. Safe ,

Hello to. All. My buddies. C. Co 2/35

Nov. 68. Nov 69

Charles Rea -- Harrison AR  -- 04/13/2020

5623. Hi,

I'm trying to find a source to order a flag for the Cacti (Green) 35th Inf. 4th Div. My husband was in Vietnam 1969-1970.

Thanks in advance,


Char Dugas --   -- 04/10/2020

5622. : I'm curious - I see nothing about the former Army Reserve unit - 3/35th, that was demobilized in 1994. For almost 30 years it was part of the 187th Infantry Bde (Sep), US Army Reserve, and one of the last US Army Reserve Infantry units.

William Edward Utley -- Monrovia MD  -- 04/08/2020

5621. Stay healthy and strong Cacti, Peace.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 04/05/2020

5620. Here's a tip to relieve congestion I've used over the years: fill a small pot about 1/3 full with water and once it boils, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. When I feel congested I do this several times a day and it helps. Stay healthy!

Gary D

A Co, 1/35th 67-68

Gary Dittmer -- Woodbridge VA  -- 04/01/2020

5619. Just a short note to wish everyone who served in 1st Battalion 35th Infantry a safe time during this corona virus just stay home stay safe and if you have to leave for any reason please stay protected.

Wayne Lund

B 1/35, Hq 1/35(recon),Battalion 1/35 LRRP 1966-1967

Wayne D Lund -- San Antonio Te  -- 03/30/2020

5618. Thanks to all for your service on this Vietnam veterans day

Robert Flatt --   -- 03/29/2020

5617. Remembering Larry Comis B 2/35 KIA March 24, 1970. You are not forgotten. Rest in peace.

John Linn -- Sydney Australia -- 03/23/2020

5616. C,1st 35th, August 1968-August 1969 I was at the Oasis on Mother's Day 1969

John G Bullio --   -- 03/17/2020

5615. This is to remember the supreme sacrifice of Sp.4 James Perrone, KIA on March 12, 1967. His family is grateful to those brave Cacti with whom he served, and for keeping his memory of his bravery in front of us after all of these years.

Glenn Perrone -- Ridgewood NJ  -- 03/12/2020

5614. Remembering Nelson Blum KIA 68 years ago today a great guy and soldier. March 11, remembering four other members of my platoon: Daniel Carter, Gene Stringer, Carmelo Cordone and Ivan Steenbergh. All members of Co. I 35th RCT... God Bless these truly great heroes.

Frank Dahl -- Billings MT  -- 03/09/2020

5613. On the 7th March 1966 we received words a special person was KIA in Vietnam. SGT BENJAMIN GEORGE SPEARS. My big brother.

Each year I have try to write a memorial about him, honoring his memories. Each year I have a rough time trying to say different things about him and not write the same things over and over.

Nothing ever really change, I still miss him terrible, I always wonder, what if, I still LOVE him even though he not here.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has contact me about Ben it means so much to me to know you still remember him.

I would like to knowledge Mr. John Fielding who help me to fine this organization. Without his help I would not have had the chance to meet some of Ben fellow soldiers. I will cherish our friendship always.

Ben your baby sister will always LOVE you brother and miss you. Much Love,


Tera Williams -- Auburndale FL  -- 03/08/2020

5608. With great sorrow I am communicating the death of a Cacti and Recon bother Jack Jewell, known to all as Jake. Jake passed away February 21, 2020. Jake served with the 2nd/35th Recon 1969/1970.

Jake was a special person and touched all who he knew with his great sense of humor and his story telling. Once he started a story, you were so mesmerized that you could not help but pay full attention to what he was saying. Quite often his stories had a hilarious ending that made you forget all your troubles. In Nam he always was able to pick up everyone's spirits when needed.

Unfortunately, Jake was seriously wounded on April 8,1970 and his wounds often created several challenges for him the rest of his life. Despite these challenges anyone who met him found him to be an upbeat and positive individual. He continued to be a main focus when in a group with his entertaining personality. No one, I mean no one who knew Jake well will ever forget his flawless impersonation of Sammy Davis Jr.

The celebration of Jake's life has not yet been scheduled. The date and time will be communicated once it is determined by his family.

Len -- Fallston MD  -- 03/01/2020

5607. Fred Dewitt passed a couple of weeks ago. He served with D, 1/35th and Recon 1/35th 1967-68.

A Celebration of his Life will be :

Mar 21, 2020 1:15PM

Elks Lodge #1777

1455 Newland

Lakewood, CO 80214

Dick Arnold -- Indy IN  -- 02/21/2020

5606. My husband William C. ,Bill Kundo, was a Combat medic in Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th infantry Division, 35th Infantry in Vietnam, I believe in 1969-70. He received the Purple Heart in An Khe. He died Nov, 2019 and I am hungry for any stories or memories of him by his fellow patriots. He had PTSD and didn't talk much about Vietnam. I would cherish any memories of him that I can share with our sons. We were married for 32 years but met long after his Vietnam days.

Peggy Kundo -- Panama City FL  -- 02/19/2020

5604. I have just posted photos from Dan Gleason, KIA 2-23-69, sent by his son, Jim Gleason. Dan was in C 2-35th. Please take a look and let me know if you can identify any of the Cacti in his photos.

Dave Muxo -- Orem Ut  -- 02/18/2020
Email --

5603. Rest easy Fred, you are finally at peace and will remain alive in my memory.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 02/16/2020

5602. From Dave Collins

On a sad note, I was informed that Fred Dewitt passed as the result of a heart attack while driving to Michigan. His widow, Phyllis, is in Denver. His daughter will inform me of arrangements for his funeral which will be in Michigan at a time/date TBD. Dick Arnold, would you please give Assoc Leadership a heads-up.

Dick Arnold --   -- 02/15/2020

5600. ULYS FORD HAMILTON- Bravo Company sept 12-30, 1968 Quang Duc Province, passed at the Battle of The Volcano

My name is Fiona MacGregor, and I am a student at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. My English class is reading The Things They Carried, and is now beginning a project memorializing servicemen whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. We are commemorating lost servicemen, and I received Ulys Ford Hamilton's name.

Through my research I found your name on I was wondering if you would be willing to share any memories, experiences or photos you have of Ulys Ford Hamilton that I can include in my memorial to make my tribute more personal.

If you would like to see similar projects to the one I'm working on and where my memorial will eventually be posted, please visit Also, please feel free to contact my teacher, Leighann Fenter at

Thank you very much for your time,

Fiona MacGregor

Fiona MacGregor --   -- 02/13/2020

5599. February 16, 1968 William Greenwell made the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace Bill you are not forgotten.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 02/12/2020

5598. Gentlemen,

I searching for veterans of the 28/29-May-1966 battle of LZ10 Alpha that have recollections of where the hundreds of NVA bodies may have been left if not buried due to the swampy conditions.


Richard Magner

Tiger 38, D/229th, 1st Cav 68/69

Richard W Magner -- Glastonbury CT  -- 02/10/2020

5597. Just got word James Fisher, Bravo 6 1969-1970, is in hospital in stable but critical condition. He's been an Association member since the beginning in 1999. Prayers would be appreciated.

Mike Slyck -- Rochester NY  -- 02/08/2020

5596. To Whom It May Concern:

I appreciate the excellent research resource you created to honor the veterans of the 35th Infantry. One small correction: my uncle Richard McGillen served in Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion from 1968-1969. He is listed as Richard McGill. Do you know anyone I can talk to who would have served in Charlie during that time? I understand that some of the veterans would prefer not to talk to me, which I respect, so would you know of someone who would be willing to share? My name is Bruce Gillooly (Airborne Ranger). I was hoping to get to know my uncle a bit better. I can be reached at 210-284-4202 if you want to pass on my number.


Bruce Gillooly

Bruce Gillooly --   -- 01/25/2020

5595. Greetings from Vietnam. I am happy to report that the daily journals for the 1/35th, from Sep 68 through Jul 69 are now posted to our history. A huge thanks to David Fogg for sending these along. Go to the Daily Journal Index in the Vietnam section. Enjoy!

Jim Anderson --   -- 01/07/2020

5594. I am looking for information on Gary Sampson who served between September 1967 and February 1969. I have his service record which is a bit indistinct but show him with the 2nd Bn. but I am trying to establish which Company so that I can work through your combat reports and get an idea of what he experienced.

Would it be possible for me to post a request to your Veterans or would you be able to point me in the right direction.


Keith Sampson

Yorkshire, England

Keith Sampson --   -- 01/06/2020

5593. I want to remember and pay tribute to William (Steve) Illman and Jake Price, fine men and soldiers of B Company, 2nd/35th Infantry. Both made the ultimate sacrifice and were KIA in a fierce, day long battle on January 2, 1968. We will never forget them.

John Pipia, B Company, 1967/68

John Pipia --   -- 01/04/2020

5592. Happy 2020 New Year to all my fellow BROTHERS...

Larry Frias Jr -- San Diego CA  -- 01/01/2020

5591. 5590...peace !!!!

Larry Frias Jr -- San Diego CA  -- 12/29/2019

5590. Wishing all my Cacti brothers a happy New Year. Congratulations on making it this far. Peace, Phil.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 12/29/2019

5589. I would like to re-connect with Cacti member Doc Joe Baker, C-2/35. He relocated to Florida from New York and I've lost track of him. He was with my oldest brother, Joseph Ledesma, Jr., on 20MAY67, when Joey was KIA in the Battle of Vinh Hien. Thanks for your help.

David Ledesma -- San Jose CA  -- 12/24/2019

5588. Hello,

My Grandfather, Carl Schell, served in Korea May 1951- March 1952 with Item Co, 3rd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment. He has since passed away, but I was digging around trying to get more info on his Korea experience. I found letters that he wrote back and forth with W.B. Woodruff Jr., Love Co, 3rd Battalion (1950-1951), from 1997 about a major battle during Sept 1951 near Pyonggang (Iron Triangle).

I have been doing research and found that the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence digitized a declassified field report by the 35th Infantry Regiment HQ about the attacks of Hills 717 and 682 in the Iron Triangle. I know W.B. and my grandfather were trying to piece together the event in 1997 and this could help any remaining survivors understand the details they were looking for all these years.

The document is 1145 pages and too large to send over e-mail. I cut it down to 18 pages of just the narrative section and I attached and sent to the

Nick Pulire -- Haymarket VA  -- 12/24/2019

5587. about two weeks before Christmas 1966, bob hope put on his show at Pleiku. joey Heatherton was there. hundreds of us were there. we all had our M16s with us. a great show. then we all sang silent night together. the song was a few minutes long but it was that for a brief moment you forgot where you were. the war was gone. I will never forget it. merry Christmas.

Lawrence Woff -- Milwaukie OR  -- 12/22/2019

5586. okay then, maybe next year!!!!

Larry Frias Jr -- San Diego CA  -- 12/15/2019


Larry Frias Jr -- San Diego CA  -- 12/14/2019

5584. Joyce and I want to wish all my Fellow Cacti a Merry Christmas and all the Best in the New Year.

Frank Dahl -- Billings MT  -- 12/10/2019

5583. rest in peace Doc Hall....u earned it..

Larry Frias Jr. -- San Diego CA  -- 12/08/2019

5582. One year ago today, Doc Hall left us...but then again he didn't. His presence will always remain in our hearts and mind. Amen.

Peter Birrow -- Gulfport FL  -- 12/06/2019

5581. If anyone has reunion pics from Jax, please send to Dave Muxo



Dick Arnold --   -- 12/04/2019

5580. I should have sent this earlier but thought you and the Association should know that CSM Joe Lucas (Ret.) passed away early Saturday morning November 23. He was buried in the Fort Mitchell (AL) National Cemetery, just across the Chattahoochee River from Fort Benning, GA where he started his military career. Graveside and church services were held with his family and many friends present.

Joe did two tours in Vietnam, first as a door gunner in 1964 and then he returned on Christmas day, 1965, flying directly into Pleiku Airport as part of the 3rd Brigade Task Force, 25th Infantry Division. It was to my benefit as a young and very green rifle platoon leader to have Joe as my platoon sergeant for the first three months of my tour.


TJ Blue --   -- 11/28/2019

5579. Just want to wish all my Cacti Brothers and Sisters a Happy Thanksgiving. As we gather with our family and friends to celebrate this holiday, pause a minute to reflect on our Cacti brethren who won't be sitting down with their families this year. I'm thankful for each of our active Cacti. May they stand firm in defense of our nation. Take Arms and Left Arm High.

Mike Slyck -- Rochester NY  -- 11/26/2019

5578. Years ago I lost my CIB and don't know where to purchase an authentic one to replace it. After all these years, I've decided to put together a shadowbox of my service ribbons and other related things for my kids when I pass. There seems to be several types but not sure which is correct for me. Served 12/11/1967 to 12/11/1968 in Nam. Can anyone help?

Larry Edmister -- Niagara Falls NY  -- 11/23/2019

5577. a co. 2nd 35th nov 1967/68 pleiku combat vet.

some familiar names: steve tully, rick abel, ken Spradlin, bill yeary,harold Stratton, steve biyner, capt Henderson, lt latela

sept. 27 1968.lost 5 squad/platoon bros. sgt rbt knoll, Gerald stozek, brad wright, jerry denson & larry banek.(roger Rickert) any other platoon members out there? contact me,i have a few photos!!

Daniel A Dorsheimer -- Hummelstown PA  -- 11/18/2019

5576. I hope today, Veterans Day, was one of reflection and peace surrounded by loved ones and that you enjoyed the day. We've earned it.

Phil Landis -- Wake Forest NC  -- 11/12/2019

5575. want to advise all Cacti I just returned from a press conference held by U.S Rep. Joseph Morelle, representing the 25th Congressional District in New York. He reported on several initiatives currently in the House that can affect veterans. One is directed at homeless veterans, one at female veterans, one for children of homeless veterans. He also said the House has asked the VA for an accounting of the $5.4 million dollars budgeted for VA to begin initiatives aimed at reducing the number of veteran suicides from 22 a day. Morelle reported VA has spent $1.6 million dollars to date. The House is wondering why VA has not done more to reduce the number of daily suicides.

The Congressman also referenced each of the veteran associations who are currently working on behalf of our veterans. He called each organization by name, that list includes the 35th Infantry Regiment Association. It was nice hearing our association named.

Take Arms

Mike Slyck -- Rochester NY  -- 11/08/2019

5574. I want to wish each of you, my brother and sister veterans a Happy Veterans Day on Monday 11/11/2019. We all encountered multiple challenges to receive the title of Veteran; once receiving the title this day becomes ours. Pause for a moment to remember our Cacti brother and sisters who are no longer with us; then go back to your family and enjoy the day. This national holiday is ours to have and enjoy, never forget it.

Mike Slyck -- Rochester NY  -- 11/08/2019

5573. Co.A 1st.Bal.35th Inf. Reg. 25th Inf. Div.

Dennis J Kulczyk -- North Tonawanda NY  -- 11/07/2019

5572. all my fellow grunts ....happy 2019 halloween ....keep ur powder dry ....ears up eyes open .....stay safe .....

Larry Frias Jr. -- San Diego CA  -- 11/01/2019

5571. Just wanted to say with sadness I just found out my platoon Ldr. Lt. Walter Allen Twyford passed away back in May 0f this year which I was unaware of. He was there with me that night May 29,1967 during Battle of Tan Phong when our CO Cpt Ralph Walker and my squad leader Sgt William Silva were KIA. Lt. Twyford helped fill in some of the gaps that night that I didn't remember and some other verifications I needed.He was my Platoon Leader only for a short time cause later he went to S-3 Air. You will be greatly missed my friend and Cacti brother . We had our first reunion ever together in 2017 in Missouri where I got to meet his sister Marty and her husband and my first reunion with the Cacti.I would have never even known this if I hadn't tried to contact him by email and even tried called him which those efforts failed and got my concerns up.

Charles (Chuck) Coates -- Bradenton FL  -- 10/30/2019

5570. This is a great site! I wish more people would take such efforts to memorialize fallen service members.

(Editor: Al is a volunteer helping to obtain a photo of WWII Cacti KIA Arnold Nicolai)

Alan R. Koenig --  He MN -- 10/23/2019

5569. Served in Company A,1st/35th, from 2 Oct 67 - 30 Sep 68

David A Torrey -- Salina KS  -- 10/18/2019

5568. would like to thank those individuals for hosting this years reunion. A lot of work went into putting this together. thank you for all your hard work. Met a few new people I hadn't met before, but none from my time specifically that could shed some light on questions i still had. It was still great meeting new Cacti Brothers even if from different years. If anyone was in the 1st platoon and and was in Sgt Silva's squad and knew him and was in the Battle of Tan Phong May 29 1967 it would be great hearing from you. As it now stands Im the only squad member still alive right now . I would like to meet someone from Sgt Silva's squad and maybe you might remember me. Have a blessed day.

Charles (Chuck) Coates -- Bradenton FL  -- 10/13/2019

5567. Eugene Edward Stell Jr. served two Vietnam tours with the Cacti. From May, 1966-67 he was 1/35th Recon Platoon and wounded 01/22/1967. Second tour was August,1967-69 with C,1/35th, wounded again 12/02/1968. Eugene passed in 1998. His daughter is looking for anyone who knew her Dad.

Thanks Guys!


Dick Arnold --   -- 10/07/2019

5566. Since there were no financial statements handed out of the reunion, how does a person go about getting a copy?

Terry Savely --   -- 10/07/2019

5565. Comment: Had a great time this year in Jacksonville visiting with the men that I served with in the Nam.Thanks to everyone the worked so hard to put on the events,they were all great. I want to step out on a limb and say something on behalf of the 3 people that donated the 3 quilts for the raffle after the dinner, the quilts were beautiful and the work that was put into them was extensive, I know because my wife was the creator of one the quilts. It took many many hours not to speak of the cost of the material, and the cost of the quilting machines that were used on these quilts. Diane Hooven and Sherry Rose and Terry Ayala thank you for your generosity on donating these works of art, In closing I think someone dropped the ball on letting these women be recognized before the raffle. I think it was a shame because of all the work that was put into letting everyone know that these women did this out of love for the Veterans and the Cacti family. I would like to see this handled in a

better fashion next time. Thanks for letting us express our concerns.Doc Rose

Gary Rose --  NC  -- 10/03/2019