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In this part of our website we are providing space for our members to post their stories from their war. While war always has its stories of battle and heroics, there's often the other side. The bit of humor that we all remember. In this section you're likely to find stories of both kinds. And if you want to tell YOUR story, send it to Tiny here.

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A Real Surprise  Frank Dahl  remembrance  Long ago

My Less Dangerous Assignment  Vaughn Brauer    Sep 69 - Jan 69

First night in the Boonies  Dave Crocker  1st night in the field  

2 Brave Cacti Brothers  Walt Shields    11/25/1968

Man with a Cross, A Man of peace  Joe Soga    4/10/2021

May 6,1970  Dwight Davis    May 6 1970

Recollections of 1969  Keith Krauss    1969

One and a wake up  Wiley Dodd    January 4th 1970

Send me Back!  Terry Savely    May 1969

December 1970  Wiley Dodd  a little anecdote on a trip home  December 1970

The Tigers of Mary Etta  Joe Farmer    

Sayonara Frozen Korea  Frank Dahl    August 51

Cambodia  Dwight Davis  Cacti Cambodia Invasion  May 6th 1970

My Last days in the Nam  Lyle Shargent    March 29th 1968

A Tragic Twelve Hour Tour  Dick Arnold    August 4th 1967

Tracking big Foot  Joe Soga    1969

My Vietnam Story  Rusty Scheewe    July 2-3 1966

March 7th 1969  Bill Delaney  Written in Poem format  March 7th 1969

Friday the 13th June 1969  Wiley dodd    June 13th 1969

52 years ago!  Tom Birdsong    1968

Final Mission of 1st Lt Michael Sudborough    21 March 1967

Surprise Visit to Firebase Rebel  Joe Soga    1968

Just Another Day in the Nam  Joe Soga/ Bill burdick    1969

How Did We Do What We Did?  John Lorts    1966

Bob Guin My Friend  Jim Doc Hall    1970

Ice and Snow are not all Bad  Frank Dahl    1951/52

May 18th 1969  Bill Rogers    May 18th 1969

Coffin Corner, Duclap  William Rogers    September 1968

What did You Do in the War Grandpa  Cliff westwood    1967

Christmas in March  Dave Crocker    March 1968

Cacti Power  Vaughn Brauer    1967

Beetles and Other Things that Bite  Cpt.Jack Burr    1969

My Tour  Keith Krauss    1969

July 3 1966 As I Remember It  Thomas J Giorgi    3 July 1966

A Soldier in the 35th Infantry Regiment  Vernon G Hodson    1941-1944

A Night in the Nam  Walt Shields    Jan 1970

Righteous Anger  Jack Burr    1969

Guinn  Jim "Doc" Hall    June 3rd and 4th 197

How I met Lt. Thode  Jim "Doc" Hall    1970

Recollections of Jack Burr  Jack Burr    

Christmas Eve In Vietnam  Dave Muxo    Dec 24, 1969

Recollections of Jack Burr  Jack Burr    November 1966

Recollections of Jack Burr  Jack Burr    November1966

Basic training 1966  David Crocker    1966

Jan 3rd 1967  Dave Crocker    1967

March 3rd 1967  Dave Crocker Sr.    1967

March 28th 1967  Dave Crocker    1967

May 8th 1967  Dave Crocker    May 8th 1967

May 19-22nd 1967  David Crocker    1967

Lights Camera Action  Vaughn brauer    September 1968

Recollections of Jack Burr January 1967  Jack Burr    January 1967

Heavy Metal  Frank Dahl    Korea 1951/52

Recollection of Jack Burr 07/02/1969  Jack Burr    07/02/1969

Recollections of Jack Burr  Jack burr    06/21/1969

PAVN Ambush  TJ Blue/Alonzo Jones    Nov. 1966

Dessert Anyone?  Vaughn Brauer    1966

A Thanksgiving Remembrance   Walt shields    November 1969

Hey Were Over Here!  Dave Muxo    

It was a Good Plan, I Guess, (But we got Gassed)  Jim (Doc) Hall    1970

Battle of "One-Niner"  Ben G Crosby    3/21-22

I Wish the Weekend Would Hurry Up and Get Here  Dick Arnold    67-68

Last days in the Field and a Little More  Chuck Cooper    1967-68

Words  Father Kevin Devine-Chaplain 4    1968-70

Peace  Father Kevin Devine-Chaplain 4    1968-70

The Grunt  Father Kevin Devine-Chaplain 4    1968-1970

March 9th   James Tibbit    3/29/1969

Don't Forget to Duck  Dave Muxo    1969-70

The Snake bite  Davis Shattuck    1966/67

A Moment in Time  David Shattuck    1965/66

March 16th 1969  Larry Ray    March 16th 1969

Purple Heart and Distinguished Cross  Ray Dillard (nephew of Francis  Poem  8/19/1950

Now You Tell Us  Charles Cooper  anecdote   1967-68

Walking point had something for Everybody  Charles Cooper  Encounters of a point man  1967-68

View from the CP (4)  Stan Traeb    June 9th 1969

A View from the CP (3) June 8th 1969  Stan Traeb  Encounter with the NVA   June 8th 1969

View from the CP (2)  Stan Traeb    May 18th 1969

"View from the CP"  Stan Traeb  LZ Penny  May 8&9 1969

The Unexpected Night Attack  Joe Soga  Humor  1969

The Man with a Cross  Joe Soga    1969

Recollections  Tony Flesh  Memories of my Tour  1970

Three Days in May  Ben Crosby  The Battle of Tan Phong  May 27th to May30th

Fresh Meat  Mel Oldham    WW2

GI Cowboy  Mel Oldham    1943-45

GI Ingenuity   Mel Oldham    1943-45

Valentines day 1968  Miles "Surf" Sawvel Jr    February 14th 1968

3 How I Got to Be Acting platoon Leader  Dwight F Davis    1969-70

6 The Good Chaplin  Dwight F Davis    1969-70

The Joy of Bathing  Dwight F Davis    1969-70

4 The legend of Hua  Dwight F Davis    1969-70

The LT Has a Jungle Hammock  Dwight F Davis    1969-70

2 French's Monkey  Dwight Davis    1969-70

Getting Ready  Curtis Gay  A gripping account of the Cacti at war in 1967  12 March 1967

Cacti in the Navy?  Frank L Marks    1942

Getting Ready  Frank L Marks    1942

A Shower  Leigh Thomas    1969/70

MEDEVAC June 15  James "Doc" Hall    June 15, 1970

*Operation Eldest Son  Don Latella, Rick White, Major    July 1968

Alpha 1/35th October 9th 1967  Dick Arnold & Tim Peters    Oct. 9th 1967

A True Believer  Richard "Dick" Arnold  A tribute to David Farley KIA Sept. 9th 1967  09/09/1967

Little Doc  Brent McCellan  A Eulogy for Timoth Sines KIA Sept. 30th 1968  Sept. 30th 1968

Who We Need to Thank  John Morgan    1967-68

A Pacifist Medic Dies Beside a Soldier  Robert Pearman- Kansas City Ti    11-12 March 1967

Fast Eddie and the Mechanical Ambush  Jim "Doc" Hall    July 1970

7 July 1996  Gary Cooper S&S Staff Correspo    7 July1966

An R & R to Remember  John Morgan    Dec.1967

Luck of the Stupid  Art Hughes    1967

Ghosts  Art Hughes    1968

A Difference my Son Made  John Morgan    1967-68

Day from Hell Continued  John Morgan    May 1968

Ole Didn't Joke Much in Them Days  Jim "Doc" Hall    May 1970

My Experiences with the 35th Infantry Regiment  Charles R. Sheaffer    1943-1945

The Coffin Corner  Don Blankin    Fall 1968

Hock's Night Out  Dave Muxo    1969/70

Day From Hell  John Morgan    3 April 1968

Highway Security  Kevin Ryder    1969

Three's Company  Peter Birrow  Asian "Three Pete"  February 1969

Easter Sunday - Part 2  Mike Slyck    March 29th 1970

Easter Sunday  Jim "Doc" Hall    March 29th 1970

Those 55 Gallon Drums  Rocco "Doc" DeRosa    1967

Lessons Learned  John Lorts    1967

Puckered  Wiley Dodd    1969

The First Time  Dick Arnold    June 1 1967

What a Difference a Year Makes  Kevin Ryder    1968

Plei-Trap Remembered  Bob Kilpatrick    March 1969

But I know Morse Code  Terry Savely    8/68

A Near Casualty of War  Hoyt Mason    1967

The World meets Vietnam  Kevin Ryder    July 1968

The Snake  Vaughn Brauer    June 1966

Laughing to keep from Crying  Wiley "Tiny" Dodd    1969

Remember When  Bob Maves    1969-70

No Please Damn It, Just Keep Your Steak  Dick Arnold    

Odd Things Remembered and Not Yet Forgotten  Dick Arnold    

My Mother the Patriot  Dick Arnold    

Rappeling Mission  Len Calabree    September 1969

18 May 1969  Wiley Dodd    18 May 1969

Tuesday Morning  Wiley Dodd    16 March 1969

29 March 1969  Wiley Dodd    29 March 1969

A Formidable Foe  Ray Gleason    1968

Korean Nights  Fred Miller    

Killing Crabs the Hard Way  Roger Ellis    

Just Another Day in the Nam  Jim Doc Hall    April 24 1970

His Name Was Roger  Jim "Doc" Hall    1970