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  PFC Everett Lee Mitchell    In memory of our fallen brother

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother"

35th Infantry Regiment
Korean War

"Not For Fame or Reward
Not For Place or For Rank
But In Simple Obedience To
Duty as They Understood It"

National Defense Service Medal Korean Service Medal United Nations Korean Service Medal Republic of Korea War Service Medal

The 35th Infantry Regiment Association salutes our fallen brother, PFC Everett Lee Mitchell, RA39483327, who died in the service of his country on September 26th, 1950 in South Korea. The cause of death was listed as Murdered as POW. At the time of his death Everett was 24 years of age. He was from Swisher County, Texas. Everett's Military Occupation Specialty was 4745-Light Weapons Infantryman.

The decorations earned by PFC Everett Lee Mitchell include: the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Purple Heart, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Korea Service Medal, and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal.

Comments: Private First Class Mitchell was a member of the 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. He was captured while fighting the enemy in South Korea on August 17, 1950. Mitchell was later executed at the Taejon Police Station on September 26-27, 1950, by retreating North Korean Forces. Son of Roy and Jewel Mitchell. Originally from rural Swisher County, Texas, moved to Oregon with his family.

Burial Location:Memorial Park Cemetery, Amarillo, Tx

Per, The book, Korean Atrocity, by; Phillip D. Chinnery, 1n 2000, page#51. THE TAEJON MASSACRE---(Korean War Crime--KWC-28A)--- For murderous barbarism, the Taejon Massacre will be recorded in the annals of history, along with The Rape Of Nanking, and The Warsaw Ghetto mass exterminations. Slaughtered in cold blood by the North Korean troops, were 5,000 to 7,500 Korean civilians, seventeen ROK (South Korea Army)prisoners, and forty-two American prisoner of war soldiers, who were murdered on 26,Sept.1950. There was one American survivor, SFC. Carey H. Weinel(who passed on in 1999). On 30,Sept.1950, after the U.N. troops liberated Taejon, the 24th. Division graves registration team recovered, and identified the American soldiers bodies. The men were; PFC.James F. Anderson-MAJ.Cyril S. Bartholdi-PFC.Earl G. Bumpas- PFC.Doyle R. Brown-PFC.William R. Castleberry-PFC.Frank Cohan- PFC. Vernon C. Custer-PVT.William A. Dent-PVT.George C. Evans- PVT.Lester R. Garner-M/SGT.Robert E. Gentry-PFC.John E. Grow- PVT.William A. Hager Jr.-CPL.John W. Harmon-CPL.Eugene S. Harris- PVT.Lawrence J. Hartlieb-PVT.James A. Kearney-SGT.Vernon S. Ledford-PFC.Arnold F. Lobo-PFC.Everett L. Mitchell-CPL.Joseph A. Mlynarski-PFC.Willis W. Mobley-PFC.Jack D. Newman-PVT.Raymond E. Owens-PFC.Rufus D. Page-SFC.John H. Peterson-PVT.ALLEN M. Robertson-PVT.James P. Robertson-PFC.John M. Rozenair-SGT.Robert B. Senell-PVT.William G.Sewell Jr.-PVT.Toney J. Sherard-SGT.Howard R. Shuck-PVT.Raymond A. Snyder-PFC.Robert J. Stein- PFC.John R. Stovall Jr.-SGT.Armour D. Strother-SFC.Herbert Tarnopol-PFC.Gilmer W. Wilson-CPL.Ralph E. Winthrop-. God bless these brave Americans.