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Take Arms

Alpha Co.
1st/35th Infantry Regiment

Cacti Green

Vietnam PFC Kenneth B. Downum, Jr  
  4.2 Mortar
3rd Platoon
1968 to 1969 Larry Wisner  
Machine Gunner
A & E 1/35th
11-50 to 11-51 Allen D. Johnson  
04-60 to 09-63 SGT John H. Berger  
  Mortar Plt FO and 81MM Sq Ldr
Mortar Plt
06-60 to 02-63 PFC Tennis Newsom  
  2nd Platoon
1962 to 1964 SGT Bruce K. Kilgore  
  Heavy Weapons
Weapons Platoon
10-62 to 10-66 CPT John F. Fielding  
  PLt Ldr- CO
4-63 to 11-65 SSG Wilkie Springwater  
  Squad Leader
Also was Team Leader with Recon Platoon and LRRP with 2nd Platoon, C Co., 1/35th from 12-66 to 12-67
10-63 to 12-66 SSG Jimmie H. Ford  
  fwd observer, infrantry platoo
3rd platoon
1964 to 1966 LTC Charles W. Lenz, USA (Ret)  
1964 to 1967 SSG Noble Hyde USA (Ret)  
1964 to 1966 SP4 Dennis J. Kulczyk  
  Cook then Rifleman
4-64 to 4-66 CPT Anthony E. Bisantz  
Company Commander
11-64 to 12-66 SGM Gerald Fontana USA(Ret)  
Rifleman, Squad Leader
After leaving the Cacti, I made a career out of the military and retired in 1984 as the Operations Sergeant Major of the Delta Force.
1965 to 1967 SP4 Larry G. Melton  
1st Platoon/HQ
Became a Drill Sergeant in the reserves. Served with the 85th and 84th divisions.
1965 to 1966 Lonzell Brown Jr.  
1965 to 1967 Merley J. Clarke  
1965 to 1966 Lloyd K. Owens, Sr.  
1965 to 1966 Larry E. Smith  
5-65 to 12-66 SP4 Richard Esgana Hunter  
1st Squad, 3rd Platoon
5-65 to 6-66 SP4 Agustin Fernandez  
05/65 to 10/66 SP4 Garnett E. Bell  
S-2 HHC/Wpns A 1/35
12/65 to 12/66 CPL Marcos Cadriel  
3rd Plt. (3rd herd)
12-65 to 9-66 SP4 John M. Tullett  
3rd Platoon (3rd Herd)
I have never had contact with any person from my unit since I was medevaced out to the Philippines in Aug 66. Would like to hear from someone who was in the unit at the same time as me.(A 1/35)
1966 to 1967 CPT Lloyd H. Yoshino  
  Company Cmdr
1966 to 1967 Jack Kiakona  
1966 Edwin E. Thomas  
1966 to 1967 James L. Beard  
1966 to 1967 Layton D. Drew  
1966 to 1967 Paul W. Mullins  
1966 to 1967 Daryl Beeth  
1966 to 1967 David F. Batungbacal  
1966 to 1967 Arley H. Parker  
  Squad Leader
1966 to 1967 MSG Gary A. Becker USA(Ret)  
  Humped the heaviest pack in the Company. 2nd Tour with Americal in Duc Pho
1966 to 1967 Thomas J. Selhime  
1966 SGT Charlie Tonche  
  (Smokie Drill)
A Team Leader
1st Squad, 3rd Platoon
1966 to 1967 Pace Caldwell  
3rd Heard, 1st Squad
01-66 to 11-66 SP4 James Schupmann  
2nd platoon-1st.squad
1966 to 1967 SP4 Carlton C. Crossett  
2-66 to 5-66 SP4 Harvey C. Hilbert  
3-66 to 5-66 SP4 James D. McTaggart  
  Fire Team Leader
3rd Squad
4-66 to 4-67 SP4 Harley D. Eshleman  
5-66 to 5-67 1LT Lawrence K. Connor  
  (Larry, 71, Yankee 6)
Platoon Leader, XO
3rd Platoon
Also Bn. Liaison Officer to Bn. CO, HHQ
8-66 to 3-67 SP4 Richard L. Snyder  
1st Squad, 3rd Platoon
8-66 to 8-67 1LT William M. Dalehite Jr.  
Plt Leader & Bn S-1
11/66 to 08/67 SGT Richard V. Cruz  
  1st platoon - 1st squad
12-66 to 12-67 SP4 Charles G. Bradley  
2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon
1967 to 1968 Ramiro Ochoa  
1967 to 1968 David A. Manrique  
1967 to 1968 Donald W. Burkhart  
1967 to 1968 Winfred Cooksey  
1967 to 1968 Clarence C. Davenport  
1967 to 1968 SGT John Dorow  
  Squad Leader
3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon
1967 to 1968 Carl R. Eckleberry  
1967 to 1968 Robert W. Floyd  
1967 to 1968 John W. Heelan  
1967 to 1968 Joseph G. Reed  
1967 to 1968 Joseph C. Reyerson  
1967 to 1968 William R. Slusher  
1967 to 1968 Michael M. Daniel  
1967 to 1968 Gary Perkins  
1967 to 1968 Orville A. Nye  
  Point Man
1967 to 1968 Bruce E. Cavanaugh  
1967 to 1968 Ellis W. Fagan  
  Point Man
2nd Platoon
World Class Pointman with A 1/35th
1967 CPT Geoffrey Ellerson  
  Company Cmdr
1967 Dean W. Scott  
1967 Stephen G. McGraw  
1967 to 1968 Leroy Toliver  
1967 to 1969 Jerome S. McAfee  
1967 to 1968 LTC Charles W. Chaplinski, USA (Ret)  
  Company Commander
2-67 to 10-67 MSG Dennis R. McPeak USA(Ret)  
3-67 to 3-68 SGT David C. Crocker  
  RTO, Rifleman, Co. Clerk
Third Platoon
04-67 to 02-68 Larry G. Starling  
04/67 to 04/68 SGT Rich Haupt  
  Radio Man
5-67 to 5-68 SGT Ronald R. Ensor  
  M60 Gunner
Weapons Squad, 3rd Platoon
5-67 to 5-68 SGT Richard Arnold  
(Bright Eyes)
M60 Gunner
2nd Platoon
5-67 to 5-68 SP4 Donald L. Hambrick  
Machine Gunner
2nd Platoon
6-67 to 10-67 2LT Tim Peters  
Platoon Leader
3rd Platoon
6-67 to 6-68 SGT James R. Dyer  
I am not sure which company I was assigned with. "A" company rings a bell. I am very interested in any information about this period of my life.
6-67 to 6-68 Alfred E. Cook  
06/67 to 05/68 SP4 Ron W. Frye  
  (TN Ridge Runner)
3rd Platoon
7-67 to 7-68 SGT Rienhardt E. Dannhaus  
3rd Platoon, CP
7-67 to 2-68 SGT Gary D. Dittmer  
  11 Bravo
3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon
8-67 to 2-68 SP4 Thomas H. Birdsong  
1st Platoon
8-67 to 8-68 SGT Henry R. Templin  
Rifleman, Co Clerk
1st Platoon
9-67 to 9-68 SGT John B. Knoche Sr.  
  Squad Leader
2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon
9-67 to 3-68 PFC Walter R. Shipman  
09-67 to 09-68 SP4 Larry Adkins  
3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon
09-67 to 03-68 PFC Jesse Polanco  
3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon
10-67 to 11-67 SSG Robert F. Clark  
  (3 zero yankee)
Platoon SGT
3rd Platoon
11-67 to 10-68 SGT Thomas M. Kehoe III  
3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon
11-67 to 11-68 Kelly Herrington  
  (2 Zero Minor)
11-67 to 6-69 SGT David A. Loudermilk  
  (Shotgun, Meatloaf)
M79 Grenade Launcher (Thumper)
3rd Squad, 4th Platoon
Also 1st Cook/Mess Sgt., HHQ. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially any of the cooks I served with, they were a great bunch of guys. I retired from the Army after 20+ years.
11-67 to 2-68 PFC James J. Holleran  
1st Platoon
1968 to 1969 LeRoy L. George  
1968 to 1969 Robert G. Ross  
1968 to 1969 Donald A. Shakal  
1968 to 1969 Michael S. Keehr  
1968 to 1969 LTC Richard D. Wandke USA(RET)  
1968 to 1968 Carroll Dennis Caudill  
3-68 to 8-68 PFC Gary V. Rose  
(Doc Rose)
3rd Platoon
3-68 to 10-68 SGT Fred Gruntler  
  Squad Leader
3rd Platoon
4-68 to 11-68 PFC Harry E. Hooven Jr.  
60mm and Mortar Gunner
3rd and 4th Platoon
4-68 to 4-69 SGT Richard R. Lysinger  
M79, Point, RTO
1st Platoon
08-68 to 08-69 Lawrence Roger Seeley  
Purple Heart
9-68 to 5-69 SSG Stephen H. Capkovitz  
Platoon SGT
4th Platoon
09/68 to 09/69 SGT Robert R. Spilman  
  (Bob (Turdle))
Point man, RTO, Squad Leader
3rd platoon - 3rd squad
10-68 to 10-70 CPT Ward K. Odom  
  Platoon Ldr, S-3 Air and S-2
C 1/35 10-68 to 6-69, A 1/35 6-69 to 10-69, HHC 2/35th 7-70 to 8-70, C 2/35th 8-70 to 10-70
11/68 to 11/69 SP4 Jose Deleon  
Mortar Platoon
11/68 to 11/69 Edward J. Lakous  
12-68 to 12-69 SGT William R. Wilds  
Squad Leader - Mortars
2nd Squad 4th platoon
Married to Donna and have two boys..John and Jeff who are married and on their own. Joined the Illinois State Police in 1972 and retired at the end of 1998 and I am really enjoying retirement. Like to travel and enjoy golfing and fishing.
1969 to 1970 Rex J. Banter  
1969 to 1970 Michael D. Shaw  
1969 to 1970 Peter J. Manuguerra  
1969 to 1970 Jerry Vennette, Sr.  
Jerry passed away on Jan 8, 1988 of Lung Cancer. He was not a heavy smoker.
1969 to 1970 Michael R. Gormally  
1969 Stephen E. Madsen  
1969 Mike Schexnider  
01/69 to 01/70 SGT Bill Ward  
Grunt, Squad Leader, RTO
1st Platoon
03/69 to 12/69 SGT Larry R. Lewter  
03/69 to 03/70 SP5 George W. Smiley  
RTO/ Company Clerk
4-69 to 8-69 PFC F A. Richardson  
1st Platoon
09-69 to 09-70 Wayne P. Gass  
1972 to 1975 SGT Jerry Wayne Humphrey  
Commo Chief
09-72 to 06-75 SGT Jeff Russell  
09/72 to 06/75 SGT Greg Skiles  
  Fire team Leader
2nd platoon, 1st squad
09/72 to 06/75 SP4 Don Ruch  
2nd platoon 2 squad
02-79 to 02-81 SGT William C. Haggerty  
  Squad Leader
1st Platoon
11/79 to 11/82 SSG Michael S. McLendon  
Team leader & Squad Leader
3rd Plt
1980 to 1981 SP4 John J. Wolfe  
HQ Platoon
1982 to 1984 PFC Ward Cinnamon  
2-84 to 1-87 SGT Frank S. Lofton  
  Squad Leader
3rd Squad, 1st Platoon
1986 to 1988 SP4 Mike Juengling  
  Team Ldr, Anti Tank PLT