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Take Arms

Alpha Co.
2nd/35th Infantry Regiment

Cacti Blue

1967 to 1968 SSG Michael Morris  
3rd Platoon
Author "Escape from Saigon" (2017)
1961 to 1963 Kenneth R. Brown  
1963 to 1966 LTC Michael A. Tryon USA(Ret)  
Company Cmdr
Was CO Charlie 2/35th 1966
1963 to 1966 James F. McQuillen  
1963 to 1967 COL Charles A. Murray, USA (Ret)  
  Company Commander
1963 to 1966 Dale C. McAnally  
1963 to 1967 William Hobart Byrd Jr.  
1-64 to 11-67 SSG Roy L. Greenfeather  
Fire Team & Squad Leader
SHOTGUN PLT Returned to Vietnam 2-69 to 4-69 with Delta, 2/35th as SFC E-7.
2-64 to 10-66 SGT Robert I. Molohon  
Medic with A 2/35
1-65 to 10-66 SGT Dennis C. Eichler  
Rifleman, Fireteam Leader
1st Squad, 1st Platoon
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1965 to 1966 SGT Patrick H. Dortch  
  Automatic Rifleman
2nd Squad, 1st Platoon
1965 to 1969 SFC Jessie Campos USA(Ret)  
  Served with A B & C Companies Two tours 65-66 & 68-69
1965 to 1967 Gary M. Ricker  
01/65 to 01/67 MSG Stanley Simcizen  
12-65 to 12-66 COL George G. Jacunski, USA (Ret)  
  Exec Officer
Also Weapons Platoon Leader, A 2/35 12-65 to 6-66
12-65 to 02-67 LTC Chris S. Tragakis  
Rifle Platoon Leader
3rd Platoon
Chris retired Lt. Colonel from the Army then joined AIG and was sent to Vietnam to re-open the country for insurance products. He now lives in Mount Pleasant, SC.
1966 to 1967 SP4 Jerry R. Judd  
Squad Leader
1st Platoon
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1966 Ron Ray  
  Platoon Leader
1966 COL Jim Barnes USA(Ret)  
01-66 to 01-67 SGT Christian A. Rink  
  Commo Chief
1966 to 1967 John Stephen Putnam  
1966 to 1967 Edward Grzegorczyk  
1966 to 1967 SGT Curtis P. Gay  
Squad Leader
3rd Herd 3rd Squad/3rd Platoon
1966 to 1967 SP4 Tony Bernal  
  RTO& Mortar Gunner
Weapons Platoon
1-65 to 7-66 SP4 Bruce A. Suttles  
Point Man, LP
Also Recon Platoon, HQ Company
5-66 to 5-67 SGT Peter L. Dykstra  
Squad Leader, FO
Weapons Platoon 81mm
6-66 to 6-67 Stanley B. Roberts  
  Squad leader
2nd Platoon
07/66 to 07/67 William Hernandez  
3rd Platoon 3rd squad
8-66 to 3-67 SP4 Steve Jaros  
HQ, Field
8-66 to 8-67 SGT Arthur J. Johnson  
RTO, FO, Squad Leader
Weapons Platoon
9-66 to 9-67 William Bowling  
11-66 to 3-67 LTC Dennis L. Dauphin USA(Ret)  
  Artillery FO
1LT attached from C Battery, 2/9th Field Artillery
11-66 to 10-67 1LT David R. Dunn  
  (Lima Delta)
Platoon Leader, XO
2nd Platoon
11-66 to 11-67 SP4 Scott E. MacDonald  
  M-60 Machine Gun
1st Platoon
1967 to 1967 Luis C. Barcena  
  Company Cmdr
1967 to 1968 Victor Bean  
Victor Passed Away 2015-10-14. RIP Victor
1967 to 1968 SP4 William S. Vosseler  
1-67 to 11-67 SP4 Steve Plant  
1967 to 1968 Roger D. Bolerjack  
1967 to 1968 Stephen C. Rainbolt  
1967 to 1968 Andrew G. Cardinale  
1967 to 1968 David Grinsell  
1967 to 1968 Raymond E. Henry  
Recon Platoon
1-67 to 1-68 Frank R. Gabelman  
RTO, M-60 Squad Ldr
M-60 Squad, 3rd Platoon
1967 to 1968 Daniel A. Dorsheimer  
1967 to 1968 SGT Lawrence Gill  
Squad Leader, RTO
3-67 to 2-68 SP4 Michael Reiley  
  Rifleman, LRRP
3rd Platoon, LRRP
3-67 to 3-68 SGT Thomas L. Gardner  
M60 Gunner
Also Delta 2/35th from 8-67 to 3-68. I have only located 3 buddies I actually served with: Gary (Red) Bartlett and Frank (Doc) Bowden from D 2/35th, and Roger (Bo) Bolerjack from A 2/35th.
3-67 to 11-67 SP4 Joseph J. Doriguzzi  
4-67 to 1-68 SP4 Roberto Albandoz  
  Squad Leader
5-67 to 5-68 SP4 Leonard J. Wise  
3rd Platoon, M-60 Squad
6-67 to 12-68 SGT Lance D. Cayne  
  Red Leg, RTO/Recon Sgt.
Redleg by MOS, spent all but 6 weeks of 18 months with B-2/35th and A-2/35th.
07-67 to 08-69 SSG Ernie Simmons  
Platoon Medic & S-5 Team
Alpha-2nd Platoon & Mortar Plt
2/35th Jul 67 to Sep 68, MACV May 69 to Jul 70, USARV (3rd Surg Hosp) Jun 71 to Apr 72
7-67 to 7-68 SGT Adrain Gwen Jones  
2nd Platoon/CP Group
8-67 to 1-68 SP4 Albert W. Garbett  
  (Doc Bill)
More Info
1968 to 1968 Charles T. Laws  
1968 to 1969 Mike Richards  
  Recon Platoon
1-68 to 1-69 SGT Isaac M. Martin  
Rifleman, Sr RTO
1st Platoon, HQ Platoon, Field
1968 to 1969 LTC William L. Burdick USA(Ret)  
  B CO - Recon Plt Ldr
1968 to 1969 Mark Labbe  
1968 to 1969 John A. Radvan Jr.  
1968 to 1969 Timothy E. Hammons  
1968 to 1969 Daniel Vasquez  
68 to 69 MSG David W. Kemple USA(Ret)  
2nd Tour with 23rd Americal Division and 196th Inf Bde.
1968 SSG Thomas Cantrell  
1968 SP4 Ken Spradlin  
Wounded at Duc Lap 09/27/68
1968 to 1969 Jan P. York  
(Minnesota Masher)
1968 to 1968 John Denino  
3-68 to 3-69 SGT Harold W. Stratton  
Squad Leader
03-68 to 03-69 SGT Everette Dean Duffey  
rifleman, squad leader, colone
1st platoon-3rd squad
04-68 to 04-69 Robert K. Bills  
5-68 to 1-69 SGT Joseph M. Henderson  
Recon Sgt & Arty Liason Sgt
HHC, TOC, HQ Btry, 2/9 Arty
A Co & HQ Co TOC. I have the 35th Inf gear, if you want it, email me and I'll get it to you.
05-68 to 05-69 SP4 Gary Stabnau  
Rifleman & Machine Gunner
6-68 to 4-69 MAJ Ray Gleason USA(Ret)  
Squad Leader
1st Squad, 1st Platoon, HQ
8-68 to 8-69 SP4 Jay R. Crist  
1st Squad, 1st Platoon
8-68 to 8-69 SSG Reed A. Farley  
Platoon Sgt
Also D company. Have 4 children; 3 grandsons. Retired VP of Sales and Marketing, Lexmark International Inc. Work for National Thoroughbred Racing Association and race thoroughbred horses. as a passion and business.
9-68 to 8-69 SP4 Rick Rosenau  
Rifleman, RTO
9-68 to 5-69 1LT Patrick W. O'Connor  
Platoon Leader, XO
A 3rd and Mortars D 2d and XO
5-69 to 9-89 went to Delta, 2/35th.
9-68 to 8-69 SP4 Ronald Rhoades  
9-68 to 3-69 SP4 Robert E. Baumstark  
9-68 to 9-69 CSM Lee Ingram, USA (Ret)  
  Squad Leader
Recon Platoon
10-68 to 10-70 CPT Ward K. Odom  
  Platoon Ldr, S-3 Air and S-2
C 1/35 10-68 to 6-69, A 1/35 6-69 to 10-69, HHC 2/35th 7-70 to 8-70, C 2/35th 8-70 to 10-70
10/68 to 09/69 1LT Paul W. Rhodes  
  A Co, Inf Plt Ldr, Mtr Plt Ltr
1969 Edwin W. Bird, Jr.  
1969 PFC Walter D. Wells  
  If you know this Cacti we can help you find him.
1969 Santiago Flores  
1969 Marlin E. Twombly  
1969 to 1970 Barry E. Owens  
1969 to 1970 1LT Donald G. Evitts  
  Platoon Leader
1969 to 1970 Kim L. Wallace  
1969 to 1970 Gilbert A. Jacobs  
1969 to 1970 Robert P. Steele  
1969 to 1969 SGT Bob Blackwell  
  3rd Platoon
6-69 to 6-70 SP4 Roger L. Stevens  
  Point Man
3rd Platoon
8-69 to 8-70 SP4 David Barker  
  (Chicken Man)
3rd Platoon
08-69 to 08-70 James R. Washburn  
09-69 to 09-70 Wayne P. Gass  
11-69 to 11-70 SP4 John W. Corning  
3rd Platoon
11-69 to 3-70 SP4 Steven Wright  
3rd platoon
11/69 to 06/70 SSG Ellis R. Nelson  
  Platoon Sergeant
2nd Platoon
11-69 to 11-70 PFC Joseph S. Nemeth Jr.  
  (Joe or Namath)
Point Man
12-68 to 12-69 1st Plt SS Richard A. Strawn  
Platoon SGT
3rd, then 1st Platoon
Married to Gayle 27 years; two daughters married, son 16 yrs old. Spend time in small boats on our rivers & Pacific Ocean; General contractor in Salem, Oregon; son-in-law currently 1stLT 2/12th Cav- 1stCav- Ft. Hood, with little trooper on the way.
1970 to 1971 Byron W. Eilertson  
2-70 to 7-70 SP4 Dennis J. Grencik  
  Pointman, General' Driver
Also with HHC, 2/35th. Just Waiting For Retireing Working As A Union Ironworker In Chicago.
12-94 to 10-98 SP4 Wesley Shivers  
  60 Gunner and Team Leader
3rd Platoon
9-95 to 4-96 SP4 Brent W. Ahrens  
RTO, Commo Chief, Team Leader
1st Squad, 2nd Platoon
2001 to 2010 SFC Bradley S. Bricker  
  Platoon Sergeant
2nd Platoon
10-01 to 09-04 CPT Grigory Charny  
  (Mad Russian)
Platoon Leader
2nd Platoon
5-02 to 12-03 SP4 Steve Seaman  
1st and 2nd Platoon
4-03 to 4-06 SP4 Steve Perchak  
  50 cal sniper
Team 1
RECON Platoon (Team 1)
09/04 to 10/97 SP4 Erick Hand  
2nd platoon 2nd squad
03/10 to 01/13 SGT Kyle A. Moreno  
  Team Leader
1st, 2nd, 3rd Platoon-1st Squa