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Take Arms

Headquarters Headquarters Co.
2nd/35th Infantry Regiment

Cacti Blue

Vietnam Lloyd Unknown Last Name  
Rifleman/Jeep Driver/RTO
1947 to 1948 Richard Shimman  
1959 to 1961 SP4 Raymond A. Simpson  
1961 to 1964 Bobby Gene Hurt  
1963 to 1966 LTC Michael A. Tryon USA(Ret)  
Company Cmdr
Was CO Charlie 2/35th 1966
1963 to 1966 James F. McQuillen  
1963 to 1966 SGM William E. Franklin USA(Ret)  
1963 to 1966 LTG Robert L. Ord III USA(Ret)  
1963 to 1965 William A. Murray  
1963 to 1966 COL Glenn M. Reisling Jr. USA(Ret)  
1963 to 1966 Ted E. Drum  
1963 to 1964 Larry Laughlin  
3-63 to 5-64 PFC Vance H. Ready  
  Medical Supply
2-64 to 10-66 SGT Robert I. Molohon  
Medic with A 2/35
8-64 to 6-66 COL Wallace S. Tyson USA(Ret)  
XO, 2/35th
1-65 to 12-66 MSG Donald L. Duncan USA(Ret)  
  (Tiger Don)
Operations Sergeant-S3
Served in Korea 1950-51 with Co A, 1st Bn, 8th Cav Regt. Second tour in Vietnam was Ops SGM, 1st Bde, 4th ID and later G3 Opsn SGM, 4th ID from July 1969 to July 1970. Retired as SGM in Mar 71 with 21 years service.
1965 to 1967 Gerald E. Launderville  
1965 to 1966 Kenneth F. Mehls  
1965 to 1966 COL Ron Rabin USA(Ret)  
1965 to 1966 CSM Ervin Salley USA (Ret)  
1965 to 1966 Dallan B. Smith  
12-65 to 12-66 William R. Grimes  
1965 to 1966 SP4 Frank De La Rosa Jr.  
1-65 to 3-67 PFC Royce E. Champion  
Headquarters Co.
6-65 to 1-67 SP4 William P. Wood  
10-65 to 1-67 SGT Thomas E. McCauslin  
  Squad Leader
Recon Platoon
11-65 to 9-66 PFC Ernest J. Osborne  
Headquarters Co.
12-65 to 01-67 Richard L. Franey  
12-65 to 12-66 CPT Michael R. McDonnell  
Company Commander
12-65 to 12-66 COL George G. Jacunski, USA (Ret)  
  Exec Officer
Also Weapons Platoon Leader, A 2/35 12-65 to 6-66
12-65 to 11-66 SGT Norberto Santiago Jr.  
Squad Leader
4th Squad, Recon Platoon
12-65 to 1-67 PFC Kenneth P. Ferderber  
  4.2 Mortar
1965 to 1966 MG Philip Feir, USA (Ret)  
  Battalion CO
3rd Bde XO, Then became 2/35th Bn CO
1966 to 1966 Larry Murray  
  60mm Mortar
Recon Platoon
1966 to 1967 Marvin Rohlfing  
  Recon Platoon
1966 to 1967 Wilfred P. Courtemanche  
  Recon Platoon
1966 to 1967 Ben G. Crosby  
1966 to 1967 Clifton G. Fouty  
1966 to 1967 Roger L. Hackenburg  
  Recon Platoon
1966 to 1967 Richard L. Glynn  
  Recon Platoon
1966 to 1967 John Stephen Putnam  
01-66 to 01-67 James J. Mareing  
Recon Platoon
1966 to 1967 Ernest M. Correia  
  TOC Arty Liasion 2/9th
1966 to 1967 SP4 David J. Shattuck  
Forward CP
1-65 to 7-66 SP4 Bruce A. Suttles  
Point Man, LP
Also Recon Platoon, HQ Company
4-66 to 4-67 SP4 Rocco DeRosa  
1st Platoon
05-66 to 05-67 Hollie Blankenship  
5-66 to 4-67 SP4 Bernardo Melendez  
2nd Squad, Recon Platoon
After Nam, I went to Signal School and became a Teletypewriter Repairman and was shipped to Germany in 1968. Left Germany and went to MI School and later switched MOS and became a Special Agent CID from where I retired in Oct 1985.
8-66 to 4-67 SP5 Ronald A. Wilson  
Recon Platoon
9-66 to 5-67 SP4 James E. Esposito  
Recon, Mortar Squad
Two wives and one grown son...6 cats and a lot of valuable friends...work in entertainment as a playwrite, producer, actor and director...got a pickup truck
09/66 to 09/67 SP5 Joseph M. Flanagan  
Company Clerk (frm. recon)
9-66 to 8-67 SP4 William R. Lounello  
4.2 Mortar Platoon
11-66 to 10-67 1LT David R. Dunn  
  (Lima Delta)
Platoon Leader, XO
2nd Platoon
12-66 to 12-67 John A. Szilvasy, USA (Ret)  
  Battalion Chaplain
12-66 to 12-67 Dan Bardon  
Forward Command Post Cook
1967 to 1968 1LT Glenn Cratty  
  Platoon Leader
2nd Platoon
1967 to 1968 Charles J. Rothlisberger  
1967 to 1968 Harvey L. Howell  
1967 to 1968 Thomas L. Hedlund  
1967 to 1968 Purvis Peeler  
  Platoon Leader
1967 to 1968 MG William J. Livsey, Jr. USA (Ret)  
  Battalion CO
1967 to 1968 George J. Lisiciki  
1967 to 1968 SP4 John R. Skinner  
1967 to 1968 John S. Morgan  
  Was in both HHC and Delta Company, 2/35th
5-67 to 1-68 SP5 Joe Baker  
  (Doc Baker)
2nd Platoon
1-67 to 7-68 CSM David F. Butters USA (Ret)  
Bn. Operations Sergeant
02/67 to 12/67 SP5 Bernie Doyle  
assigned to C company most of
3-67 to 3-68 1LT Walter Allen Twyford  
  Plt Ldr
1st Platoon, Weapons Platoon
1st Plt Ldr, Wpns Plt Ldr, XO with Bravo, S-3 Air with HHC
3-67 to 3-68 SGT Thomas Conroy Jr.  
C Co. Medic
06-67 to 04-69 Paul A. Fournier  
6-67 to 6-68 SSG David L. Herbst  
  Platoon SGT, Ops SGT
Delta 2/35th 6-67 to 9-67, HHC 2/35th 1-68 to 6-68
07-67 to 08-69 SSG Ernie Simmons  
Platoon Medic & S-5 Team
Alpha-2nd Platoon & Mortar Plt
2/35th Jul 67 to Sep 68, MACV May 69 to Jul 70, USARV (3rd Surg Hosp) Jun 71 to Apr 72
8-67 to 7-68 CPT John B. Pearman  
Platoon Ldr, XO, CO
Also in Company E and HHC.
9-67 to 5-68 SGT Urbano Atkinson  
RTO, Squad Leader
1968 to 1968 Charles T. Laws  
1968 to 1969 MG William C. Moore USA(Ret)  
  Battalion CO
1968 to 1969 Paul Crary  
  Platoon Leader
2nd Platoon
1968 to 1969 SGT Robert F. Smith  
1968 to 1969 Thomas P. Roman  
  Bravo 2/9th Artillery Supported Cacti
1968 to 1969 Robert Schuon  
Recon & TOC
1968 to 1969 Leo L. Rich  
1968 to 1969 SP4 Frank Valeri  
  Rifleman & HHC S5 Team
3-68 to 3-69 SP5 David P. Wilson  
04-68 to 05-69 SGT ALLEC W. Hall  
1st Plt 1st Sqd
5-68 to 1-69 SGT Joseph M. Henderson  
Recon Sgt & Arty Liason Sgt
HHC, TOC, HQ Btry, 2/9 Arty
A Co & HQ Co TOC. I have the 35th Inf gear, if you want it, email me and I'll get it to you.
5-68 to 1-70 SP5 Jimmy L. Lang  
06-68 to 06-69 SP4 John Sadler  
07-68 to 07-69 Donald Adair  
8-68 to 8-69 SGT Terry L. Savely  
9-68 to 9-69 SP4 Peter J. Birrow  
3rd Platoon and CP
11-68 to 6-69 MAJ Col Frank S. Adams, USA (Ret)  
  Bn S-3
12-68 to 07-69 William A. Ruzin  
  Bn S-5 Civil Affairs
1969 to 1970 George Claxton  
1969 to 1970 David N. Leslie  
1-69 to 2-70 SP5 Ben Valdez  
Cook, Camp Enari
05-69 to 11-69 SP4 Michael R. McDaniel  
Motor Pool
8-69 to 4-70 CPT Harry M. Weisman  
  (Cpt H)
S-5 Civil Affairs Officer
Anyone from my CA teams can contact me. It would be a gass.
09/69 to 03/70 SSG Michael C. Mannix  
1970 Robert S. Rearden Jr.  
9-93 to 6-96 SP4 Lewis Goodman  
10-94 to Pres SFC Gerard J. Normand  
  (Big Norm)
Platoon SGT
Recon Platoon
06/95 to 05/98 SP4 Bill Pupplo  
BN Mortars
05/96 to 05/98 SGT James L. Robbins  
  Operations Clerk, Gunner, Squa
Squad: S-3 and Bn Mortars Gun
09-96 to 05-99 SP4 Jeremy K. Rogers  
1997 to 2004 1SG Patrick K. Akuna Jr. (USA)  
12-97 to 1-01 SP4 Sean M. Kelley  
2nd Platoon
12-98 to 06-02 Shawn Owens  
1999 Jeffrey J. Fair  
1999 to 2002 SGT James Atkins  
AT Platoon
2000 to 2002 LTC Burt K. Thompson, USA  
  Bn CO
Commanded 2/35th 2001
9-00 to 9-03 Anthony Romero  
11-00 to 11-06 SP4 Eric A. Perez  
grenadier, team leader
1st plt-1st sq, 3rd plt-1st sq
10-01 to 09-04 CPT Grigory Charny  
  (Mad Russian)
Platoon Leader
2nd Platoon
2002 to 2004 SP4 Andrew J. Wade  
  ( F ing Wade)
.50 Cal Gunner
2nd Platoon
10/02 to 10/05 SSG Timothy M. Hobbs Jr.  
  (DOC Hobbs)
Senior Line Medic
Bravo Company
2-03 to 7-05 SP4 James N. McLean  
2004 to 2006 SGT William Milewski Jr  
01-10 LTC Colin Tuley