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28 May 1966
Bravo 2/35th
Submitted by: Jim Anderson

On May 28 - 29 1966, Bravo Company 2/35th CAed into an abandoned LZ known as 10A. They arrived in a driving monsoon rain and totally caught the enemy off guard. It didn't take the NVA very long to regroup and initiate an attack. Companies A and C 1/35th Inf (Cacti Green) arrived on scene to aid Bravo Company.

28 May 1966
A 1/35
Submitted by: Larry Connor

The Battle of 10-Alfa

At Chu Pong Mastif, SW of Pleiku, two rifle companies fought an NVA regiment for an LZ over a two-day period. US losses were 16 KIA, 90 WIA, 6 Hueys destroyed/damaged. NVA losses were 250+ KIA, 8 POW's.

For their sustained valor, Company A was awarded the coveted Presidential Unit Citation and the Valorous Unit Award. The 1/35th Inf. Bn. was awarded the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry for this engagement. The "Battle of 10 Alfa" was later used at the Army's Infantry School at Ft. Benning as part of their training curriculum.

Excerpt from the 3rd Brigade's "Bronco Bugle"

On Saturday, May 28, Company B of the "Cacti Blue" Battalion was heli-lifted into an LZ (landing zone) south of Plei Djereng.

Upon entering the LZ, they immediately came under small arms fire from an NVA (North Vietnamese Army) force in the heavily wooded area around the 80 by 150 meter landing zone.

The soldiers of "Bravo" Company were engaged in a bitter fire fight with the elements of the 33rd NVA Regiment for the entire day. They subsequently captured five 12.7mm anti-aircraft weapons, the first to be captured by any brigade element.

That afternoon, A Company, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry was brought in to support "Bravo" Company.

When both companies were in the LZ, they were again hit by an estimated reinforced rifle company in at least three direct assaults by the NVA force on the east side of the LZ.

Both B Company of the 2nd Battalion "Cacti Blue" and Company A of the "Cacti Green" Battalion were hit during the night of the 28th by estimated rifle company assaults and 82mm mortar fire.

The following morning, Brigadier General Glenn D. Walker, the brigade commanding general, alerted the 1st Battalion to send one more company to reinforce the brigade's elements at the LZ.

Company C was selected to be the reinforcing unit to be committed on the 29th.

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