Vietnam War Timeline

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22 November 1968
Submitted by: Dave Fogg

3rd Bde 4th Inf Div
Bn (1/35) Forward Fire Base
LZ Joan, Duc Co, YA 844252

Unit Locations:
A 1/35 LZ Vera, OPCON to 3/8 YA838178
B 1/35 LZ Joan, the rest of the element YA625507
C 1/35 OPCON to 1/14 Inf
D 1/35 LZ Jean, YA 809234
Recon Plt LZ Joan YA844252
4.2 Mortar Plt, LZ Joan

Summary: Log opened at 0001 hours 22 November 1968. Unit locations: At LZ Joan YA841251, Battalion Headquarters (Forward), B Company 1/35, C Battery 2/9 Artillery, C Battery (-) 7/15 Artillery GS, E Company, Counter Mortar Section 2/9 artillery; 1st Platoon D Co 4th Engineers Battalion, Mobile Dental Clinic from the 4th Medical Battalion; At LZ Jean YA809234; D Company 1/35, 1 CSF platoon from the Special Forces Camp at Duc Co, 1 AN/TPS-25 section from Division artillery, Counter Mortar Section from the 4/42 Artillery; At LZ Vera YA835178, A Company 1/35 OPCON to 3/8 Infantry; At LZ Oasis; Headquarters and Headquarters Company Support (S-4 Forward); C Company OPCON to 1/14 Inf; At Base Camp (Camp Enari); Battalion Headquarters (Rear). B Company returned to the crash site and they proceeded to extract the bodies from the downed aircraft. B Company first lift was extracted at 1320 hours; the lift was completed at 1410 hours. At approximately 1800 hours LZ Jean started taking incoming rounds from Hill 391, this to the southwest of LZ Jean. The rounds stopped coming in at 2010 hours. The rounds were believed to be 75mm Recoilless Rifle and 82mm Mortar rounds, the LZ took approximately 18 rounds of 75mm Recoilless Rifle fire and 12 rounds of 82mm Mortar fire. Company sustained 2 slightly wounded, a Med-Evac was not required, artillery and light organics were fired and the F/O at LZ Jean observed 2 large secondary explosions on Hill 391. LZ Vera had incoming rounds, they were believed to be 122mm Rockets. A Company OPCON to 3/8 Inf and could not get a complete read-out on the action.

0935 hours (C) LTC Buckner informs us that an LOH bird has crashed on a line between the crash site of yesterday and the LZ where B Co was dropped. LTC Buckner is moving part of B Co to check out the downed LOH. Grid of downed LOH is grid 628512, pretty well destroyed. (Note, the LOH crashed right on top of B Co)

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