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20 January 1969
Submitted by: Dave Fogg

3rd Bde 4th Inf Div
Bn (1/35) Forward Fire Base
LZ Tango ZA035663

Unit Locations:
A 1/35 YA937659
B 1/35 LZ Tango ZA035663
Snoopy Baron 008657
C 1/35 YA903687
D 1/35 YA967669
Recon Plt, LZ Tango
4.2" Mortar Plt, LZ Tango

Summary: Log opened at 0001 hours 20 January 1969. Unit locations: At LZ Tango ZA356637, Battalion Headquarters (Forward), B Company, E Company, C Battery 2/9 artillery, 3rd platoon (-) D Company 4th Engineers Battalion, A Company YA937659; C Company YA953687, D Company YA967669; At LZ Oasis; Headquarters and Headquarters Company Support (S-4 Forward), E Company; At Base Camp (Camp Enari); Battalion Headquarters (Rear).

At 0900 hours 20 January 1969 C Company reported that line no. 36 was slightly wounded by a gunship, line no. 35 in the face and line no. 15 had to be Med-Evaced. At 1123 hours 20 January 1969 Cider 32 reported that C Company was receiving incoming mortar rounds, no US casualties were sustained as a result. At 1230 hours the Bn CO reported seeing a secondary explosion while an airstrike was going in at grid YA950680. At 1435 hours 20 January 1969, Bde S-3 informed the Bn S-3 to have B Co prepared immediately to CA to a blocking position on the high ground south of the river between north-south grid lines 92 and 94, the approximate location to be grid YA926717. First lift of B Co from LZ Tango complete at 1700 hours, first lift complete at 1717 hours LZ Cold, the entire lift was complete at 1817 hours, PZ complete at 1828 hours.

0852 hours (C) C Co spotted 1 VC/NVA at grid YA943687, they are moving after him at this time.

0930 hours (C) At 0830 hours A Co reports finding at grid 934659 8 foxholes 3 feet deep covered with branches and large enough for 2 people was occupied last night believed to be by the enemy, departed.

0630 hours this morning moving north, also found M-72 LAW.

0906 hours (U) DELAYED ENTRY-0850 hours 20 Jan 69- Bn CO says that the LOH that he was in received possible Air/Ground fire at grid 941697, Bn CO feels that it was a B-40 Rocket that just missed.

1123 hours (C) Cider 32 informs us that C Co is getting incoming rounds at this time, we have guns on the way at this time.

1155 hours (C) C Co reports negative casualties at this time.

1200 hours (C) Cider 32 says that he saw secondary explosion at grid 950679.

1210 hours (C) Cider 32 is putting in an airstrike at grid 950680, possible enemy mortar position.

1240 hours (C) To the S-3 from Bde: Have received confirmed intelligence reports that the enemy is moving north from Chu Pa and across the river, there is one element across the river at this time, this will require immediate reaction, you are directed to employ 1/10 Cav on this report and be prepared to reinforce the ARP's with the 1/35 element.

1305 hours (C) S-3 informed A Co to move back to Obj. Bravo in case we need them as a reactionary force for the 1/10 Cav.

1436 hours (C) From Bde to S-3: You will immediately be prepared to CA B Co 1/35 from LZ Tango as a blocking force on the high ground to the south of the river, between the 92 and 94 grid lines, A Co 1/35 and D Co 1/35 will reorient direction of attack to the northeast on parallel axis where B Co will be located, C Co to continue their present search mission until the A & D arrive abreast and then the three companies move abreast towards the blocking position, Bn CO should make an immediate visual reconnaissance to select a suitable LZ on or as close to the high ground as possible.

1525 hours (C) Shamrock reports at grid 948682 seeing caves all blown, it looks like it was a secondary explosion.

1607 hours (C) Shamrock 1/10 reports that they have spotted bunkers at grid 949687, entrance is 2 to 3 feet wide and the inside is much larger, at grid 951695 spotted several caves which were caved in they were 6 feet by 6 feet.

1700 hours (C) Rustler 24 will be the flight leader, Gambler gun will be in support.

1701 hours (C) 1st PZ complete of B Co.

1717 hours (C) First PZ complete for B Co LZ Cold.

2045 hours (C) C Co hear tubes shooting and they think that the tubes are shooting at them, but the enemy is shooting in the wrong location at this time, there is a Spooky to the south of B Co locations, request from Bde to have the Spooky go to C Co location.

2220 hours (C) Informed the 1/10 Cav to have their birds on station at 0800 hours to 0830 hours and the C & C bird at 0745 hours, the AO to make a visual reconnaissance of is east to the 96 grid line, north to the 74 grid line, south to the 66 grid line, we are positioning for a three company sweep into B Co and the CSF people who will be a blocking force between the 92 and 94 grid lines, intelligence indicated the presence of enemy forces within the entire AO assigned, please check in with all units and get their location prior to embarking on the visual reconnaissance, as soon as we get the C & C bird, LTC Buckner will contact your birds in the morning.

2245 hours (C) Passed to Bde and Major Laird: B Co and CSF will develop positions, A Co will move out to Chu Pa at grid 952678, NLT 0700 hours, D Co will move to 930690, C Co will move only on the order of the Bn CO.

2350 hours (C) Bde informed Major Losey that tomorrow 21 Jan the ARVN's will CA 2 battalions into Objective Bravo, the time is unknown at this time, 2/42nd ARVN and the 23rd Ranger Battalion, they will conduct an RIF to the west and northwest to Objective Alpha 912703.

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