Vietnam War Timeline

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2 August 1966
Submitted by: Jim Anderson

On 2 August, 1966, at the beginning of Operation Paul Revere II, Company A, C, and Recon Platoon went back to the area of contact from 31 July, 1966. This account was also excerpted from the 1966 Annual Historical Supplement (found in the ORLL section in its entirety). The battalion had just moved to LZ 36J (YA 973053).

2 August 1966
Recon HHC 2/35th
Submitted by: Bernardo Melendez

On 2 Aug 66 the Recon Plt went on patrol towards Chu Prong Mountain (phonetic). On the way we encountered a couple of NVA soldiers we took for OP\'s. They were eliminated. As we neared the base of the mountain, LT Brennan, Recon Plt Ldr, consulted with SFC Williams, PSG. We waited while the mountain was hit with heavy arty. Sometime later we started up the mountain and at approximately 12:00 noon, all hell broke loose. We found ourselves surrounded and for the first time since joining the Recon Plt, we had some casualties. We were engaged from that time on fighting for our lives until early evening when B Co elements made their way up and linked up with us, thus enabling us to expand the perimeter. By then we had several wounded from mortar rounds and several KIA from small arms. Efforts were made to retrieve the wounded we could hear calling for help, but the firing was so intense that we couldn\'t. PFC Pettit, against all advise decided to go looking for the wounded and was KIA just seconds after he disappeared into the brush. Throughout the battle, we got CAS, Arty and everything else we could call upon. We were resupplied from the air when a couple of Hueys made air drops of ammo. The firefight went on throughout the night and a few times we thought they were going to try an over-run our positions, but that never took place. In the morning as best I can remember we were relieved by a company from the 1st Cav who trailed the remaining members of the NVA unit. We counted 169 enemy dead. We lost (I think) 12 people WIA/KIA.

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