Vietnam War Timeline

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20 August 1966
Charlie 2/35th
Submitted by: Frank Willard

On 20 August 1966 we lost John Hymes. He was a close friend of mine and wanted to let the rest of you know how and where he was killed. We were on a S/D coming north from the Ia Drang along the border. We reached Hwy 19 West of Pleiku at appox 1300 hrs. We made contact. John was pointman and was killed instantly. We were on the south side of Hwy 19 west of Pleiku where it was still a dirt road. We could not move and out of nowhere came two M48s Tanks shooting Bee Hive rounds to the north side of the road. At that time the NVA broke contact and crossed the border. We swept the area but only found blood trails. Some time during the fire fight someone got up and covered John with his poncho liner. Do not remember who it was. John you are still missed after all this time. God Bless. Frank

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