Vietnam War Timeline

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11 November 1968

Submitted by: Dave Fogg

3rd Bde 4th Inf Div
Bn (1/35) Forward Fire Base
LZ Joan, Duc Co, YA 844252

Unit Locations:
A 1/35 LZ Vera, YA 807232 (OPCON to 3/8 Inf.)
B 1/35 LZ Joan, YA 842252
C 1/35 (-) LZ Jean, YA 809234
D 1/35 (-) LZ Jean YA809234
Recon Plt LZ Joan
4.2 Mortar Plt, LZ Joan

Summary: Log opened at 0001 hours 11 November 1968. Unit locations: At LZ Joan YA842252, Battalion Headquarters (Forward), B Company 1/35, B Battery 1/92 Artillery, E Company, Recon Platoon 1/35 Infantry, 4.2 Mortar platoon 1/35 Infantry, Counter Mortar Section 2/9 artillery; 1st Platoon D Co 4th Engineers Battalion, Mobile Dental Clinic from the 4th Medical Battalion; At LZ Jean YA809234; C Company 1/35, D Company 1/35, 1 CSF platoon from the Special Forces Camp at Duc Co, 1 AN/TPS-25 section from Division artillery; At LZ Vera YA835178, A Company 1/35 OPCON to 3/8 Infantry; At LZ Oasis; Headquarters and Headquarters Company Support (S-4 Forward); At Base Camp (Camp Enari); Battalion Headquarters (Rear). SRP 10 made contact with an unknown size enemy force at grid YA780223 resulting in 3 WIA's which was reported by Headhunter 41. Personnel sustained wounds from small arms fire and NVA Claymore mines, all 4 team members were picked up, uninjured man was returned to LZ Joan, 3 WIA's were taken to the 71st Evac. Individuals were dead on arrival. Artillery was not employed due to no radio contact that was lost when the team was hit; also a CSF platoon was somewhere in the area. Special Forces at Duc Co did not have a current location. During the reporting period several reports were made of movement from LZ Joan, LZ Jean and the SRP positions. In most cases light organics were fired, 1 round of ILL, reports indicated that the movement stopped after the firing of the first round. A Co at LZ Vera reported that line no. 174 that had been reported MIA was not an MIA nor had he been wounded. EM returned to LZ Vera after the report had been made. Commanding Officer reported that the EM was in good condition. The movement at LZ Joan reported by B Company and Recon platoon resulted in 3 WIA's from Duc Co CSF Camp after M-79 rounds were fired; an investigation is being conducted. B Battery 1/92 artillery from LZ Joan moved to LZ Vera to be able to support a new firebase to be built south of LZ Vera. C Battery 2/9 artillery is moving from LZ Vera to LZ Joan, 2 tubes arrived at 1900 hours 11 November 1968.

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