2016 Reunion - Sept. 22-25 at the Doubletree by Hilton, Washington DC - Crystal City. Click for Reunion Registration Forms and Info

Another Cacti Returns Home

Sgt Dean D Chaney, King Company 35th Infantry, was captured by the enemy on November 28, 1950. He allegedly died in a POW camp on April 30, 1951.

His remains have been repatriated and were recently identified. There will be a funeral for him November 13 of this year at the Lindsey-Olds Funeral Home in Bloomville, OH. The exact times have not yet been confirmed.

Several Brother Cacti plan on attending. Please contact Jim Hall if interested. We are particularly interested in finding Korean 35th veterans to attend.


President's Message

Greetings Fellow Cacti!

The 17th Annual Reunion at San Diego’s Crowne Plaza was fantastic! It was an excellent venue and location. Thanks go to Doc Johnson, our reunion coordinator.

2016 looks to be a great year for the Cacti! The active 2/35 battalion at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Cacti June 27 – July 1 and we’re invited! Sixty rooms have been blocked at the Hawaiian Hilton Village at $177 per night.

Washington, DC is the site for the 18th annual reunion.  If you have never been to Washington, DC, it is indeed a place all veterans should visit. In addition to the Wall, where we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the other monuments, such as the White House and Congress, give you a sense of history that restores your sense of patriotism and love of country.

The association is proud to be able to help our fellow Cacti and families with a host of programs that include the Scholarship Fund, Troop Support, and Health & Welfare, etc. These funds depend on the generosity of our members. We hope you will continue with your support.

I am proud to represent the Cacti as your President. I will be chairing a board that counts five sitting past Presidents as members. These men and the other members of the board are the most dedicated men I’ve ever known.

If you wish to contact me for anything, my email address is linked on the association page next to my name.

Thank You,

Wiley (Tiny) Dodd

President 35th Infantry Regiment Association

Are you a Facebook user? If so you might want to join the Cacti 35th Infantry Regiment Association page run by Immediate Past President Bill Henson.

In addition to our 2016 annual reunion in Washington DC, members may be interested in joining our active duty Cacti in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the 35th Infantry Regiment.


35th Infantry Regiment Monument at Ft Benning Walk of Honor

Monument Dedication Photos Posted (View Here)

 Follow the link below to view Video of the Monument Dedication Ceremony




The War Stories Section has turned into a huge success with almost 50 stories written by our Cacti Members. Got a “Cacti Story?”  It can be a battle story,  A funny or sad story. Just put it down the way you remember it. If you want a “creative license” to embellish a little you got it. Only rule is not to be malicious.

Submit them to Wiley "Tiny" Dodd by Email, today!

The Spring 2015 Issue of the Cacti Times, John Lorts, Editor and Bill Henson, Associate Editor, is out.

Here's a sample of page one of this issue. If you haven't seen the electronic color version Click Here to see what you're missing. Members wishing to change from a Mailed to Emailed Times may email Don "Doc" Johnson, our Secretary, to Sign Up.


Health & Welfare. Do YOU know someone in Need??

The Association's Health and Welfare Account currently has a very positive balance. To date, there has been only one request for financial assistance for the fiscal year of 2014. Obviously more requests could be accommodated, but we have no knowledge of these situations. But maybe YOU can help from today and into the future. Should you be aware of a Cacti Brother that has fallen on hard times, suffered a loss such as a hurricane or a flood, has medical issues and is uninsurable, or anything else that cries for help, please be his ombudsman. These Health and Welfare funds were donated by you, our caring members, to be used for those in need not just to be saved for a rainy day. Please let us know about your brothers in need.

If you know of someone in need, or are that someone, please contact Pete Birrow by email by clicking HERE.

ALL information is kept confidential



 SEVEN 2015 Scholarships Awarded !!

Cacti generosity is again on parade. Earlier this year, letters were sent to our members requesting donations to our Scholarship Fund. We believe this is an important project for our Association and and our Cacti Members agreed. Only through the support of so many are we able to increase the number of recipients this year.

With grateful thanks to our many contributors the 35th Infantry Regiment Association is proud to announce the Award of Seven Scholarships in the amount of $1500 each to the following:

Brandon Rodriquez: Grandson  Frank Kravarik, G Co, 2/35th 1952-54

Alexander Gillett: Grandson  Howard Johnson, B Co 1/35th 1968

Haylee Powell: Granddaughter  Don Kieth, FO 2/9th Arty with  B Co, 1/35th 1967-68

Madeline Snider: Granddaughter  Thomas Snider, C Co 2/35th 1966-67

Riley Wagner: Grandson  Richard Matheis  B Co 2/35th 1970 KIA

Samuel Byrd: Grandson  William Byrd, A Co 2/35th 1962-66

Anna Strong: Granddaughter  Don Keith, FO 2/9th Arty with  B Co, 1/35th


Here is another YouTube film we thought you might enjoy. The story of the "Ivymen" in Vietnam, from their arrival in 1966 through the critical Battle of Dak To in the winter of 1968.Approximately 25 minute long it is a good depiction of our piece of the war.



This short film, from youtube is about Joe Galloway's experiences as a reporter in Vietnam and his coming to grips with them following the war. We thought you might enjoy this short but emotional clip. Simply click on the link below to view.


Vietnam KIA Photos Needed

Dick Arnold, Doc Hall, and Pete Birrow have been gathering KIA Photos for a number of years. Their work has added immensely to our mission to memorialize our war dead. But we still need a few more. Click Here to view a list of Vietnam KIA photos needed. If you're a fellow Cacti, or a friend or family member, please consider sending a photo to Dick Arnold at his Email address.


Vietnam War - Gravesite Location Project

Doc Hall and Pete Birrow have been compiling a list of gravesites for our Vietnam KIAs for some time now. Through personal visits and searches on the web they have located hundreds. The information is now available by Clicking Here. If you have personal knowledge of a gravesite not found on the list, please contact Doc Hall at his Email address