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President's Message

You know a reunion has been a success when people are reluctant to leave. Our 16th annual gathering was just such an event. Attendance was a bit down because of the fire at the Chicago air traffic control facility that caused the cancellation of 2,000 flights across the country, but 344 members and guests reached Northbrook, IL and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The Cacti spirit displayed was formidable, which is to say, we had fun. Notably, the sequester, or federal budget cuts that began March 1, prevented a contingent of active duty Cacti at Schofield Barracks from attending.  2nd Battalion Commander LTC Ryan O’Connor (Cacti 6) did attend, at his own expense, which speaks volumes about his commitment to the relationship we enjoy with the battalion. A delightful man whose presence was greatly appreciated, LTC O’Connor is a veteran of three combat deployments – one to Iraq and two in Afghanistan.

I am grateful for the support of the Association’s membership and Board of Directors this past year. It has been outstanding. They are the reason our organization is vibrant, inclusive and confident about the future, meaning short term, we will meet in 2015 at the Crowne Plaza San Diego Mission Valley Sept. 24-27.This could well improve the chances of having a number of active duty Cacti attend the reunion, as well as provide members living in the west a better opportunity to reconnect with friends.

We were fortunate this year to have two WW ll era Cacti join us; George Chance, HHC-Anti Tank Platoon, 1943-44 and Frank Marks, Fox Co. 2/35, 1943-45, as well as Korea war veterans Gilbert McKenna, Heavy Mortars, 1952-53 and Ken Whitmier, who served in both Korea and Vietnam. It was a pleasure to see and greet them.

The number of distinguished guests was significant. By that I mean Gold Star family members and the spouses/companions of Association members. All have shared the experience of war and stood with and by those who served as Cacti.

The Cacti community is strong, and that is never more apparent than when we gather each year to celebrate our unique friendship and honor the fallen.I look forward to seeing you all again in in 2015 at  San Diego.

Bill Henson, President 35th Infantry Regiment Association



Photos taken at the reunion banquet have been posted online.

These photos will be available free to view online until December 27.

You can access the pictures by clicking on this LINK.

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The War Stories Section has turned into a huge success with almost 50 stories written by our Cacti Members. Got a “Cacti Story?”  It can be a battle story,  A funny or sad story. Just put it down the way you remember it. If you want a “creative license” to embellish a little you got it. Only rule is not to be malicious. Submit them to Wiley "Tiny" Dodd by Email, today!

2014 Cacti Scholarship Awards

When it comes to generosity, no one outperforms the Cacti Membership. Because we have so many who have given for this very worthy cause, we have been able to increase our award amounts from three $1,500 scholarships. We are pleased to announce this years award recipients. They are:

Emory Bruno - Granddaughter of Charles Emory, Battery C 2/9th Arty, FO attached to C Co 2/35th, KIA 3/21/1967

Jacob Chance - Grandson of Vincent Lamonica, D Co 2/35th 1968-69

Karlee Jorgenson - Granddaughter of Orville Hanson, HHC 1/35th 1952

Congratulations to these three outstanding Cacti grandchildren. Our best wishes go with you throughout your life.

Scholarship Committee - Wiley "Tiny" Dodd, Mike Slyck, Bill Burdick, Bob Maves


VA Suicide Prevention ► 1, 2, Many Project

More than 8,000 Veterans per year take their own lives. On average, that’s 667 per month, 154 per week, 22 per day, or one Veteran every 65 minutes. A lesser-known statistic is that more than half of these Veterans are 50 years or older. In the past two years, much ado has been made about Veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries—and rightfully so. For an increasing number of Veterans, the sense of urgency for wellness is steadily increasing and beginning to trump their fears or perceived shame of asking for help.

Why are so many Veterans in crisis? For many of these heroes, there were no ticker tape parades, pomp and circumstance, or welcome home celebrations. While their reasoning is varied, many Veterans and family members continue to struggle with behavioral health challenges, a dissociative sense of belonging, and untimely or unavailable medical care. As a retired U.S. Air Force member and former Air Force special agent, Timothy Lawson investigated numerous Veteran suicides. Though many Veterans authored suicide notes and wills, some did not. Others replaced the notes with final telephone calls or goodbye emails. Common responses from family members included: “I just thought he/she was going through a rough spot,” or “Why didn’t his/her friends or supervisors intervene to help?”

So, how do we battle this epidemic? Marine veteran Lawson created the “1, 2, Many Project” and corresponding podcast to provide a powerful, in-depth focus on why Veterans consider, attempt and succeed in ending their own lives. Veterans participating in the project convey greater visibility and understanding of the issue, as they “walk” Tim through their decision-making processes, suicidal ideations and attempts. Furthermore, friends and loved ones relay their innermost feelings, daily struggles, and coping strategies in processing the sudden and seemingly unexplained deaths of Veterans closest to them. Most importantly, listeners learn how they and others can recognize, engage and act to assist Veterans in need. To learn more about the 1, 2, Many Project, visit, on Facebook at 1, 2, Many Project, or via Twitter at [Source: VAntage Point | Corey Christman | Aug 15, 2014 ++]

35th Infantry Regiment Monument at Ft Benning Walk of Honor

Monument Dedication Photos Posted (View Here)

 Follow the link below to view Video of the Monument Dedication Ceremony


The Summer 2014 Issue of the Cacti Times, John Lorts, Editor and Bill Henson, Associate Editor, is out.

Here's a sample of page one of this issue. If you haven't seen the electronic color version Click Here to see what you're missing. Members wishing to change from a Mailed to Emailed Times may email Don "Doc" Johnson, our Secretary, to Sign Up.

Vietnam KIA Photos Needed

Dick Arnold, Doc Hall, and Pete Birrow have been gathering KIA Photos for a number of years. Their work has added immensely to our mission to memorialize our war dead. But we still need a few more. Click Here to view a list of Vietnam KIA photos needed. If you're a fellow Cacti, or a friend or family member, please consider sending a photo to Dick Arnold at his Email address.


Vietnam War - Gravesite Location Project

Doc Hall and Pete Birrow have been compiling a list of gravesites for our Vietnam KIAs for some time now. Through personal visits and searches on the web they have located hundreds. The information is now available by Clicking Here. If you have personal knowledge of a gravesite not found on the list, please contact Doc Hall at his Email address